Overcoming fears


It seems like ages since I’ve posted..

Well, things are better alhamdulillah. Sickness is subsiding alhamdulillah – just feel slightly unwell when I’m tired. I am finding with this pregnancy that I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. I’ll do something ordinary in the day which really makes me crash at some point. But alhamdulillah for everything.

The weather has been glorious masha’Allah which has led us to not wanting to do much work. R has been carrying on with a few bits here and there. I managed to do a number activity with the boys and just lots of reading and playing going on.

R has been taking swimming lessons since January – she has really progressed but found backstroke very very difficult. She would often come out of the lesson shaking. She once said, “Ummi, when I’m on my back, my heart beats so hard it feels like its going to jump out of my chest.” I advised her and encouraged her and last week – dreaded moment – they had to do backstroke. She just couldn’t do it – not even with floats! The teacher really pushed her with the floats and helped her start off from the side. For the first time, she did it on her back using the floats and then it was on to front stroke again. When they finished a few widths, the teacher asked her to try to backstroke (without using her arms) and she took off all by herself and swam on her back masha’Allah. It was such an amazing moment for me and I was almost jumping out of my chair from the parents place lol. Even another Mum was excited as we knew how terrified she was. As soon as she did this, she looked over at me and I gaver her a thumbs up. When I went round to collect her from the pick up point, she had a certificate and badge in her hands. The teacher had given her her stage 1 certificate and badge and has moved her up to a different class for stage 2. She was well chuffed especially as most of her age group are in stage 2. It really was a moment for both of us mashaAllah. Not so much about the fact that she swam on her back because anyone can do that eventually – moreso that she overcame her fears and took on the encouraging words I gave her and pushed herself and strove to DO IT.

So much of home ed is about character building aswell..

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  1. Assalamu alaykum dear sister,
    MashaAllah and well done to R! And it is good to read you again – I was getting slightly worried as you didn’t write for so long. Alhamdulillah you are well. I understand you are feeling tired and exhausted – may Allah make everything easy for you inshaAllah…

  2. MashAllah, well done to R. I know exactly what you mean as I take my 2 kids swimming too. You sit there and watch them and sometimes I feel so emotional, so when they do something they’ve tried hard for you really feel it, alhamdulilah.

    I agree, nice to hear from you as I’ve been checking in so many times for new posts. May Allah make your pregnancy easy ameen!!!

    And another thing, jazakAllah for an amazing talk on the Seeds of Change Conference.

    I realised that I should have taken some tissue with me as you made me cry subhanAllah as it was really emotional.

    Great reminders and points of thought! May Allah reward you for everything you do ameen, as you’re someone I really admire, inshAllah He protects you and your family and always keeps you straight, ameeeen

    Keep strong sister and looking forward to your next post inshAllah!

    Waleykoum salaam

  3. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, that’s a great achievement. Lots of children get nervous of swimming, so she is not alone in that. Well done R.

  4. MashaAllah, how nice. Good to hear you are feeling better. It will feel awesome when she can swim completely independently and you just sit there doing all sort sorts of swimming tricks in the water, not long left inshaAllah. I taught my elder daughter how to swim myself but we havent been swimming in a long time. I think I will enroll her younger sister in one of the swimming classes inshaAllah as she is stuck to me like a snail as soon as we are in the water and does not let me go off except for a couple of minutes.
    Hope to see you in Manchester on the weekend inshaAllah : )

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