Love google and… glasses!


Today’s Math for R comprised of liquid measurements. We came across cl and I couldn’t remember what it was! I can’t remember studying cl at school. I remember gallons, litres, ml and so forth but when R asked me what cl was – I was stuck and told her that I was stuck.

I told her quite simply that home ed is not just for her, I’m learning all the time too and that is seriously so true!

So, alhamdulillah for google, I googled it and my initial suspicion was correct – its centilitres.

10ml=1 cl     1000ml = 1l     100cl=1l    Where would we be without google in our home ed 🙂

On another note, R had an eye test at Specsavers at least 3-4 years ago where her eyes were mashaAllah fine and they’ve been sending reminders ever since. Decided to book an appointment and we went on Saturday. I was completely shocked at the results of the test. There R was struggling to read the letters when reading with one eye covered. They said she’s long sighted and needed a prescription and needs to wear her glasses when reading, doing work, on the computer etc.

I’m so glad I went – when she wore the prescription she needed  she read the letters off easily and quickly. Feel somewhat guilty that she’s perhaps struggled but alhamdulillah glad I took her. If you haven’t booked an appointment – try and do so – you never know!


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