A message from R!


We were very surprised that within 24 hours of writing the post alhamdullah, all praise is for Him, all items were sold with only my beloved stapler and sellotape holder, sewing book and medieval times book left! And in addition to that, quite a few of you donated more than the price of the items with some donating without purchasing anything. I have been telling R how generous the aunties have been and masha’Allah I’m pleased to say that she has raised at least £100 towards her pledge! May Allah accept it from you all. A kind sister has also donated something very nice for us to sell – I’ll do that in the next post.

R was really struggling to think of ideas as to how she can raise the money and so this really has been a motivation for her 🙂 She decided to write a message and is going to type it below:

Asalamu alaykum  Aunties,

Thank you for donating money for Gaza. I thought it would be really difficult to raise the amount of money to my pledge.

I was really surprised  to get that much money.May Allah look after  you Ameen.

Jazahha Allahu khaira.






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