Family Art


I’m sure all the old readers will know how much I dislike art and how rubbish I am at drawing, painting and well, anything artistic!

I do make a conscious effort to ensure that art does take place at home – a) because my kids love it and b) because they should be given the opportunity to try something even if their mother absolutely dislikes it!

So, yesterday I took out A3 pieces of paper, paint, brushes and water and ALL of us – yup even the husband sat at the table and painted for about 45 minutes. And so there we sat painting away. We’ve never done something like this before and it was quite therapeutic aswell as nice to do as a family. Hubby wasn’t very keen at first but as you’ll see by his picture masha’Allah – the artistic side emerged!

In the end, the kids were covered in paint but hey, it can be washed off. One thing I noticed was how much the kids enjoyed it and actually learnt from having us paint with them. Sometimes we’re quick to hand over the tools to them but I seriously learnt a lot from this spontaneous activity – the kids were much more engaged masha’Allah.

Here are our masterpieces:

top left: Y’s pic and R’s pic, middle row: both mine – you can see I reaaaaally got into it lol, bottom row: Z’s pic and husband’s pic


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  1. Barakallahu feeh! Beautiful pictures! Pls keep up the good work, may Allaah reward you. How is your state of health? Obviously you are much stronger, Alhamdulillah. Take care

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