R’s Quran and Hifdh Program


I’m quite surprised that I don’t blog about the main subject that takes up most of our home edding days: Quran and Hifdh. Well, in time for Ramadhan, I thought I would share what we do for Quran and hifdh.

I think most Muslim home edders pay a lot of attention to teaching their children how to read Qu’ran and also memorisation of Allah’s Book. As they don’t have the constraints of school hours, there is a lot more time that can be devoted to Qu’ran alhamdulillah. And in fact, I have met quite a few home edders who have pulled their children out of school for 2 years to help their children memorise the entire book of Allah – some then continuing with home ed and others placing their children back in school.

Qu’ran plays a huge role in the Ummihomeschoolsme household. Like most new parents, we started teaching R hifdh from when she was 2.5 (shock!) and she has been memorising ever since masha’Allah. Babies, house moves, going abroad, illnesses etc have broken our dream of her memorising Qu’ran by the age of 7 (she’ll be 8 soon insha’Allah) but alhamdulillah such is life.

We sat down with R a few months ago and had a serious conversation about her hifdh. We gave her a choice – either she can memorise slowly and aim to complete her hifdh in her late teens or she can aim to consolidate it by age 10-12. My husband is a haafidh mashaAllah and so she knows and sees the commitment he still needs to give to the Qu’ran – many years after completing it so as not to forget. She knows that in order to complete her hifdh in a few years – it is going to take up A LOT of her time and she will have to make sacrifices. We left the thought with her and she came back to us deciding to go for it mashaAllah.

So, the last few months have been spent consolidating the few ajaza (I think thats the plural of juzz) that she has memorised in preparation to start her new program in Ramadhan bi’idnillah.

This is our rough plan insha’Allah:

FAJR TIME – HIFDH TIME – aim is to memorise a certain portion daily – she learns some of the meanings and tafsee to aid her in her hifdh

DURING THE DAY – MURAJAAH REVISION – I really am shocked at how many children continue memorising but don’t do any revision at all! It is impossible to complete one’s hifdh if murajaah is not present. Imagine the poor child when they move through the Qu’ran and are about to finish memorising their last portion and then when they come to be tested by someone who will pronounce them as a haafidh that that child can’t even remember juzz amma! Sisters, murajaah is needed even more than hifdh subhanaAllah. Please please balance this out. Murajaah has been left to me and so I have devised the following plan:

  • Everything that she has memorised has been split up over the course of a week – the more she memorises insha’Allah – it will move to everything over 2 weeks, then to 3 weeks, and then to a month.
  • She will do murajaah for 1 hour every day which will consist of: 30 mins preparation – R reading the daily set of surahs and listening with the qari, then for the remaining 30-45 minutes we will do the following:
  • WEEK 1 – I will test her by listening to the entire portion of surahs on each particular day noting down any mistakes she makes
  • WEEK 2 – she prepares for 30 mins as above and then I will test her by reciting any ayat on her portion of surahs for that day and she has to continue til I say stop – again, noting down any mistakes.
  • WEEK 3 – same as WEEK 1.
  • WEEK 4 – She will have a Juzz test where I will listen to all the ajaza that she knows spread over the course of a week. In this test, she has a chance to earn some incentives.  If she makes 3 mistakes in the entire juz, the test is over and she gets nothing. If she makes 2 mistakes, she gets £5. If she makes 1 mistake, she gets £7 and if 0 mistakes, then she gets £10. I know some people disagree with this but I know that children enjoy memorising and feel great satisfaction at completing the hifdh of a surah but really don’t like revision so this makes it more fun and appealing to her. (Jzk to the sister who gave me this idea!)

HIFDH TEST – Each night, I then test her on the hifdh she did in the morning.

END OF THE WEEK – She is tested on all her new hifdh for that week.

Other things that help:

  • She also reads the next juz that she will memorise repeatedly until she begins memorising that juzz. Once she starts that juzz she will read the preceding one so as to prepare her for when she comes to memorise insha’Allah.
  • I play the surah she is currently memorising and the next surah she will memorise in the car continuosly and repeatedly. I play it in the house when they are playing or doing something that doesn’t require a lot of attention.
  • We talk to her about the honour and reward of memorising the Book of Allah – what she would like in jannah etc etc to try to keep her intention on the pleasure of Allah and the reward
  • We encourage her to make a lot of dua for herself and istighfar.

This is what works for us. It means doing Qu’ran for about 3-4 hours per day but insha’Allah I hope that by spreading it out throughout the day that it becomes easier for her. I hope this plan has helped some of you – please do share your own plans and I ask you to please make dua for my R, that Allah grants her the tawfiq and honour of memorising His Book but most importantly that she grows into a young woman who lives by it. Ameen.

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  1. MashAllah, These are great tips. One thing we haven’t been as diligent about is reviewing the Juz that my 5-year old has memorized, as he works on finishing up the 2nd (soon, Insh’Allah). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Assalamu’alaikum I pray that I am one of the first ones that will reply as you know how dear this topic is to my heart..Nothing comes without Sacrifice, Motivation, Dedication and Patience. MashaAllah a big well done for little R for her decision… May Allah (swt) give her ease with every letter, every word and every Juz’ she memorises inshaAllah…. The idea of the tafseer in the morning inshaAllah is a great one…

    To little R and all those who are taking this journey with Allah’s Book my husband not long ago told my children: “When you look at people that you think are great or people that accomplish big things it is not what they are doing that is great but what they DID to be able to that. You may admire a Hafidh but it is all those hours that were put in of hard work that nobody sees that makes the difference.” Remember you are only limited by your own restrictions.

    May Allah swt grant you (ma belle) and your family Tawfiq in everything you do for His sake….Honour you and your parents with Al-Quraan and lift you up in closeness to Him (maqaam) with every Juz’ that you memorize… And may Allah bless our Hearing and hearts with your beautiful recitation if not in this dunyaa, in the Akhiraah under The Throne of Al-Rahmaan. Please remember me, my children and all those who are memorising Allah’s book in your dua’aas that He gives us also Tawfiq understanding and Implementation of it’s rules…. Ameen!!!

    • Walaikum assalam,

      So nice to see you post here masha’Allah. Ameen to your very beautiful duas and the same to you my dear sister. x

  3. Asalamalikum sister,
    MashAllah..may Allah give me the same dedication with my kids . My boys are 6 and 5 and they are almost done with juzz Amma Alhamdolillah. They do go to school full time so I have no idea how long will it take for them to complete their hiftdh. Could you tell me at what age your daughter completed what juzz and how many is she done with right now so I have some refernce point to go with. Also we try to revise about once a week. The children who are taken off of school for a couple of years like you mentioned is it hard for them to get back into school with peers that are younger than them? I have so many questions but so few answers but I do come back to your web site ever so frequently for motivation and inspiration. May Allah facilitate your daughter`s path.Ameen.

  4. mashaallah, alhamdulillah my daughter is doing well in hifz since i pulled her out of school in january, and i feel ive done more school work with her than she ever did at school too.
    my daughter does usually a quarter murajaah every day and this is essential like you say.
    we as parents love rewarding her too, i like your reward scheme….i believe they love memorising, and esp rewards and praise.

    my daughter mainly prays 3-4 hours in morning as we both feel she is more alert and fresh , and this leaves the rest of the day to homeschool and have fun.

    alhamdulillah i believe now that as a school term is coming to end we did the right thing , and may Allah swt help our children to complete the Quran and let it be a part of their life and ours , as it is a journey for the parent , the siblings and the child doing hifdh themselves.

    • 🙂 Masha’Allah sis. So glad you feel confident in the decision you took masha’Allah. Ameen to your duas. Ameen.

  5. SubkhaanAllah for the gift of being muslims! MaashaaAllah. This is so beneficial my sister.. Alkhamdulillaa! I cannot begin to to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for finding this blog,and for you and all your effort.. The your road to Allahs pleasure be one of ease,and if any difficulty arises,may you strengthend with patience and perseverance! InshaaAllah. Please keep me and my girls (6yrs and 5yrs) in your du’aa-minfadliq,as im trying (yet,i don’t think-hard enough) to homeschool,and it hasn’t been easy, Allah knows best. Have to keep striving and applying much effort and mostly PATIENCE! May your days be filled with baraqah and much reward..and may your off-spring be the coolness of your eyes inshaaAllah. Many thanks for all the advices and beneficial ideas. Really beneficial. MaashaaAllah. JazaakAllahu khayran ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Ameen. Please remember us in your duas insha’Allah. And may Allah make your home ed journey a very easy and beneficial one – full of laughter and joy. Ameen.

  6. Assalaamu’alaykum Ukhti,

    This is very timely for me. Im so with you about the *importance* of muraajiah, but because Im not so good at it myself I dont have any workable system to offer my kids.

    I do have a few Qs:

    -Would you use a similar system for yourself?
    -Also, when you are listening to R, do you interrupt her at all? or are mistakes silently noted down and then you inform her at the end? I presently, correct them there and then, but I dont think that’s good (I know it interrupts their flow…..bad habit I suppose).
    -How would you advise modifying this for multiple kids?

    Jazaakillahu khayra.

    • In answer to your questions
      1. Yes
      2. I used to interrupt but now I just note it down and she has the notebook to take away with her to go over and correct her mistakes herself.
      3. Don’t know yet – not at that stage. But I would assume that whilst one is preparing to be tested for murajaah, I would be testing the other and then vice versa if that makes sense. Or they can do their Quran reading whilst I test.

  7. …..Also, when mistakes are noted down, do you have them correct it at the end or leave it for the next session (which woul be four weeks time?….or two?), letting them know they need to work on these areas?

  8. assalaamu alaikum
    jazaakillaah khairan for sharing this. may Allaah make it easy for your daughter to memorise the quran.
    can i ask you if you know any book which give guideline for memorisation of the quran.

    • Walaikum assalam, Waiyaki and ameen. I don’t know of any books that give guidelines in English although there is a book in Arabic which goes through this. But if you google you should find tips. I think every teacher teaches hifdh differently and in a unique way. As far as I know, there isn’t one main method. And Allah knows best.

  9. Assalamo alaikum,

    Sadly i’m finding that the time and dedication that was put into child 1 doesn’t extend to the second and subsequent children for our family. This is especially the case when the older child excels fastest than the younger. I would be really interested to hear from sisters who have several children who are doing serious hifith as to how they manage this.

    May Allah assist us all, ameen x

    • Walaikum assalam,
      I guess this will differ with each family. I know of two families who have 3+children in each family who have completed their hifdh. What I have noticed with them is that they sacrificed, were dedicated and committed and managed their time well. So insha’Allah lets have hope for our subsequent children too – it can work and these families are proof of that mashaAllah.

  10. Salaam Sister, Mashallah that is wonderful advice, i really appreciate it. For R’s 1 hour murajaah you wrote that she prepares for 30 minutes, does that mean she prepares for the test later on? Jazakallah Khair

  11. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Dear Sister,

    Jazakallahu khair for writing such a detailed post on your daughter’s Hifdh – like many others, I really appreciate it.

    I was hoping you could help me –

    I have decided not to send my 5 year old to school this year because I want him to memorise as much Quran as possible. He has only memorised Juz Amma with me. He has a Quran teacher who now comes 4 times a week in the morning for about an hour. However at the moment he is only managing to memorise a about 2-4 lines (depending on difficulty) in that time.

    My question is – how many lines did your daughter start memorising initially and for how long? How long did it take her to progress onto memorising 5 lines a day..10 lines a day..and how long does it take her – an hour, two hours..?

    I ask because my husband is not particularly keen on what i have done (although Alhamdullilah for the time being he has agreed) and I do not know anyone personally who is doing Hifdh at home with such a young child so I have no one to ask. I have a dream that my son will be Hafidh by 7 years inshallah – but i don’t EXACTLY know how i am going to do it, if he is memorising at this slow pace.

    Jazakallahu khair again for the wonderful blog in general.

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