Teaching Salah


R will be 8 islamically in 2 weeks time insha’Allah on the 15th Ramadan. I did teach her her salah when she turned 7 but I feel that I needed to go over everything with her.

So, whilst the boys were sleeping, I took out the Learning Roots Prayer cards and she put everything in order. And then I made her pray 2 rakat and then 4 rakat out aloud to me and I corrected her words and actions as we went along.

This time, I paid extra attention to her feet and hands when in sujood and in between. I also told her about praying like a rooster as per the hadith of the Prophet (saw). We talked about not looking around – I know this is quite difficult for children but I feel that she needs to learn to focus from now insha’Allah.

Her tahyiyyat was missing a few things, so I gave her the fortress of the Muslim to go over that as well as the final dua before tasleem.

We also went over wudu and the importance of making sure each area is wet and the dua to say after making wudu.

I feel this is enough for now, I’ll be looking at her more carefully as she prays and encouraging her to pray 5 times a day from now on insha’Allah. I was quite young when I started my menses (age 9) and my mother was also roughly the same age. R may be completely different but due to some observations, I have a feeling she may also be early so there are some things which are now more of a priority than before as she may be baligh within a year or two years. I haven’t had the ‘chat’ with her yet about periods etc but I think I may do so in about 6 months time insha’Allah. Quite scary as she would the be accountable in the sight of Allah – I feel I haven’t done enough. So more focus is needed from me to prepare her for when the pen begins to write… Allahu mustan.


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Jennah is 7 and will be 8 in October, insha Allah. She is definitely still learning to pray and seems to be having a harder time catching on compared to the three oidest. She is not able to make salat on her own yet. It is frustrating at times, but I am patient with her as she will get it eventually. She has a few more years, insha Allah.

  2. jazakallah for this post…..m is 9 and i dont know if she will be like me , i started mine when i was 16…..but i think a talk with mum is much more reassuring before they hear otherwise…..i always tell my nieces who are older than her…its my duty…as i have heard my older niece say she knew what they were/why as they learnt from appa/alimah at madressa…..and at the same time u have to teach them taahirah/cleanliness….etc…

  3. Assalamualaykum,
    I have it on my list for this Ramadan to go over salah and wudu thoroughly with my girls inshAllah. Going over all the details is good for us adults too.

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