Ramadhan 2012


So, 10 days into Ramadhan – how has it been in the ummihomeschoolsme household.

Before Ramadhan, R decided that her goal this month was to FAST THE WHOLE MONTH. I warned her that they were long days and that it would be a test. She was extremely determined and masha’Allah tabarakAllah, today is day 10 and she hasn’t missed one fast mashaAllah.

SubhanAllah, when I think about it – an almost 8 year old being able to fast from 3am-ish to 9pm-ish is one of the signs of the truth of Islam. There were times during these 10 days especially during the mini heatwave that we had that I told her she could break her fast but masha’Allah she carried on.

For me, I was really worried that at 5 months pregnant I would find it very difficult but subhanaAllah, Allah made it very easy and the first 6 days were fine. Then I got really really bad flu with fever, aches and pains and chose not to continue. Today, is my first day of proper relief and so I hope to return to fasting tomorrow inshaAllah.

Nothing much has been happening. R has been praying mashaAllah and we’ve been praying in jama’ah together when my husband is at the masjid. I remember after one salah reflecting how time goes so quickly. I remember when we brought R back from the hospital as a tiny 5lbs baby and 8 years later she’s fasting and praying mashaAllah. May Allah guide her and all of our children and keep them on the straight path. Ameen.

During the day, R is focussing on Qu’ran and Math (she is almost on her way to finishing Year 2 MEP inshaAllah). I’m one juz behind in my Qu’ran reading – but hope to catch up insha’Allah. We’re trying to focus on doing some good deeds but to be honest, I’m taking it easy this year: 1) because I really don’t have the energy and 2) I don’t think R can do anymore than she’s doing due to fasting. Iftar time is nice mashaAllah and we try to share reminders and watch youtube beneficial videos.

Its a quiet one this year. We’ve attended 2 iftar invites with family friends which made it extra special for the kids – but other than that there’s a lot of imaginative play taking place alhamdulillah.

I would like to exert myself more in terms of my own ibadah. The death of my dear friend Hikmah, a month ago, has left me feeling like this really could be my last Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, by the Mercy of Allah we can be rewarded for our intentions even if we’re unable to carry out the actions.


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  1. As salamualaykum and JazakAllahukhairn sister for sharing. We are in a very hot country so i was worried about nursing the 1 year old and fasting! alhumdullilah its been fine. I also take it easy and go lie down if i need to, i tell the children its quiet time!

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, well done to R. If you have time could you please share the links to some of those YouTube videos you mentioned. JazakAllahkhair.

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