Last 10 nights


Once again Ramadhan is slipping away as the last 10 nights have already descended upon us!

This year has been somewhat different for us. I’m normally very structured with what I do with the kids, set loads of goals for myself etc. This year, I haven’t done nearly as much and I feel it has been a good Ramadan. Definitely could have done more – as always. But this year, I’m not being too harsh on myself and realistically looking at what I can and can’t do based on my situation.

Its always important to remember that Allah does not require perfection from us as perfection only lies with Him. All He requires is that we make those steps and try to seek closeness to Him and He does the rest. Its never about the quantity of deeds that we do but the quality which lies in our sincere (insha’Allah!) intentions.

I came across this article which I would like to share with all of you – it was an article that caused my heart to stir – subhanaAllah. I hope it is of benefit to you all..

May Allah grant you and I a wonderful intimate last 10 nights with our Lord sisters! Ameen.


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