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*sigh* My dear beloved Zuzu, may Allah help me to raise him as a righteous young man. Ameen.

I’m sure old readers will know how I have struggled with him at times. Masha’Allah, he has a very strong character and really ‘goes into one’ which can be very testing and draining. But alhamdulillah on reflection, he really has calmed down a lot masha’Allah. His speech was delayed somewhat and I think this was frustrating for him as he couldn’t express himself.

Since Ramadan, I’ve noticed a huge change in the way he speaks and expresses his feelings (du’aa!). And so, we are seeing a different side to him masha’Allah. He still has his moments! The sister who called me a few days ago whilst he was going into one will vouch for that! But subhanaAllah, overall he has changed and I feel that I am kinda finding a way to understand and approach him. It means literally stopping everything and giving him my full attention and explaining A LOT to him but thats the only way it works with Zuzu.

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that he is taking an interest in various things and is constantly asking questions. I can actually see that his way of thinking is very different to R’s. He is more inquisitive and really wants to understand something in a lot of detail masha’Allah. I’m beginning to see his personality and interests emerge which is quite exciting!

His current interests are: how the doctors are going to ‘cut me open’ to take the baby out, the fire of jahannam and whether there will be fire engines and ambulances there, fire engines and firemen in general, space and astronauts, insects.

I took the boys out with me last week as I had a few errands to run. It was a beautiful sunny day and Zuzu stopped me and asked me why we have shadows so we stopped on our way to the Bank and took a picture and I explained how shadows are formed. He listened intently and asked why our shadows disappear when passing a tree or a large van – again I explained.

On the way back, he asked me why the moon was following us and again I tried to explain in the best way that I could.

Sometimes just taking 5 minutes out of our time to explain something is sufficient and sometimes as home edders we can go a little bit further and watch a video or read a book on the questions they raised.

I used to think I would need to do a full blown project each time they asked me something! I simply cannot do that as our family is growing but what I am trying to commit myself to do is to really take time out to give a full explanation and then leave things out related to their question in case they want to pursue it further.

These questions really are priceless moments and great opportunities. Alhamdulillah for the blessings of home ed – if he were in school, he would be sssshed for asking a question at the wrong time even if he really wants to know. At least we can have the flexibility of following their interests. Alhamdulillah.


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  1. Assalamualaikum Sister,

    This is the first time i am commenting on your blog. I like reading your blog. My son is almost the same as your Zuzu, turned 4 a month ago. And like your Zuzu he has not been an easy child to handle. Allah Rabulizzat has blessed him with a kind heart but he has his issues. He is the sort of kid that you cannot be very strict or relaxed with. He LOVES LOVES reading and is extremely curious and inquisitive about things. It really helps like you said taking out time t explain things to him. I also feel it helps when i explain to him what is expected of him before we go somewhere/do something. Also i feel that i have to check his activity level, too much or too little is a disaster! Please keep writing! I pray that allah ta’ala creates ease for you in a ll affairs.samina

    • Ws, yes such a common question but always lovely when they notice it masha’Allah. Good to celebrate each child’s interests and questions even if they’ve come before!

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