Back from CAMPING!


We have just returned from our first ever family camping trip masha’Allah!

We spent a week living in a tent, cooking on a camping stove surrounded by the forest in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Masha’Allah, the trip was arranged by a friend who also home educates and there were two other home edding families who attended as well as some other families with little ones.

I’ve been camping as a child and R has been camping twice with Muslim Scouts but this was our first time camping as a family. I must say, I was a bit apprehensive due to being heavily pregnant and camping being completely out of my comfort zone but guess what…


It was stressful at times – toilet times, tantrums from the boys, the chilly coldness at night but we are definitely going to do it again insha’Allah.The kids were in their element and so were the parents!

What did we get up to?

  • The kids helped source the right type of wood from the forests
  • Campfires every night with good company masha’Allah
  • Kids made bows and arrows from wood and string
  • They played in the forest and fields
  • They learnt how to survive in the outdoors and helped cook, clean and wash up outdoors style
  • They met a man who lives in the forest and teaches bush craft
  • We went to the beach
  • They made a playhouse out of wood and leaves and tarpaulin
  • Found all types of insects and even a lizard, spotted loads of rabbits and witnessed the hunting and cooking of a caught wild rabbit by the brothers
  • As there were no lights anywhere, the night sky was simply breathtaking – and we could see what looked like galaxies, the saucepan constellation and stars like I’ve never seen them before.

I must say, living in camping conditions was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. It really was great to be away from technology. Spending time with the family surrounded by nothing but greenery was fab. It also showed me areas I need to work on – shouting being the main one!

If you haven’t camped as a family, I would highly recommend it – a great home educating experience too! I feel quite sad to be back and definitely want the kids to spend more time outdoors – they were so free subhanaAllah…

Here are some pics that I managed to take (not many due to lack of phone battery):

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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    oh how exciting mashaAllah! I bought a massive tent a few years ago that we have yet to try out. InshaAllah it will be soon though. I am concerned though about the cold at night, any advice?


    • Ws,oh you so need to try it out – i think your family would love it! As for the cold at night – you can’t really hide from it. Go during May-Aug but nights will still be cold. Sleeping bags plus blankets and lots of layers. Mine ended up sleeping in their winter coats lol! Oh and what really helped was a camping heater!

  2. Looks like brilliant fun sis, thanks for sharing! We have been venturing outdoors recently and have been to Wales a few times. However we’ve been staying in log cabins/ bunkhouses which are relatively cheap and warmer! Seems like we’ve been taking the easy way out after reading your post! I don’t have a blog but am homeschooling my 3 little ones (6,4 and 2), your blog is a big inspiration for me so a huge jazakillah! Sidra

  3. Assalamu alaykum,
    wow, sounds really exciting and I really enjoy reading about your experience. I’m not sure I’ve the liver though. As per the cold night, UmmSalam, May be it would be best to try it during hot summer days….my question is what do you do if it rains?!

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