Feeling better and LV Countryside Live!


My last post was quite depressing wasn’t it? lol! Jzk for all the lovely encouraging comments – I think it was just one of those days!

I’m the type of person who really gets down when having a really bad day. I normally can plough through most things but when I have a day where I’m exhausted, ill – then I really just beat myself up and get all negative – not good I know!

Anyway, the following day after my post – I didn’t go anywhere which was fantastic. I think all the running around chauffering the kids to different activities has worn me down. Friday was a great day masha’Allah.

I started by giving all the kids a bath – those with big families know what a mission it is to bath all the kids lol! And then had a full home ed day:

  • R did her hifdh, murajaah and Quran reading.
  • Z completed memorisation of a new surah and was well chuffed to place his sticker on his juz amma tree
  • I then did a lot of Math with Z – number work, MEP lesson and conquer math
  • Tested R on her multiplication by asking random questions – she then did a lot of MEP work and some conquer math
  • R started her new spelling book and played on the CD Rom that accompanied it
  • Z did some reading eggs
  • More quran for R
  • Read a lot to the boys
  • R finished a couple of novels

I felt as though there was calm at home – maybe its going out too much but I think my serious duaas the night before may have been answered!

Today, we set off to Lea Valley Countryside Live which takes place every year. We were gutted to miss it last year and so in July, I made sure I put the date in my diary. It was a lovely sunny autumn day and the kids had a blast. Saw some other home educators there too which was nice – but by the end of it, I was absolutely shattered.

Here is some of what they got up to:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone sees this post in time – it is on again tomorrow – just google Lea Valley Countryside Live and you can do – based in East London and its free for children – they got to take everything they made home. Adults entry fee is £4 each.

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  1. As salaam aleikum sister. I visited the website but it said it was on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I just received your post a few hours ago. Does that mean that we still get a chance to go there? I know my children would have a blast!
    Umu Adam

    • Sorry was late replying to this – heads up for next year – they have different dates for schools and the public. Public are always are on weekends

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