Library Wonders


R has been complaining recently that she doesn’t have any books to read. She’s pretty much read everything we have at home and even re-read some books. She’s been asking me for some time to take her to the library but I placed a condition that she has to step up a notch in terms of her hifdh.

Today after she completed her Qu’ran for the day – I drove her to the library and she took out loads of books! Fiction and non fiction. She began reading one of the books before the librarian could even finish issuing and stamping it lol! I think she felt deprived!

It’s Black History month this month and R picked up a book on slavery which she read today – this led to a lot of discussion which was really very interesting masha’Allah. It was nice to engage in conversation about this topic for a few reasons – she chose the book so clearly had an interest in it, its an opportunity to delve into her Nigerian background and mine! It was also a great opportunity to discuss how most of the African slaves were Muslims.

She also picked up another book about Victorian living – she’s really interested in this and has often picked up books about this period before. I think I’d like to start a project off about this with her as she really finds it fascinating. It was an interesting book about the food, lives, and dress of the Victorians.

The rest of the books were novels and she was sooooo happy when she found THREE Black Pearl Ponies books which her home edded friend Ia told her about online. The other books she chose were a Roald Dahl book and a few Michael Morpurgo books.

I’ve always advised R to read one novel at a time and she can read as many non fiction books as she likes. However, she protested saying that’s boring and so what she tends to do is read about 3 at a time. One in the morning after she wakes up and she reads it before she goes to sleep. Another one for car journeys and one for during the day. I find this very confusing but she seems to be able to pick up where she left off with all of them. So, at the moment, she has Shadows by Michael Morpurgo on the go aswell as a Black Pearl Ponies book.  She had tears in her eyes as she began to read Shadows. I asked her what it was about and she told me a little about an Afghani boy that has been imprisoned – thats it so far.

I do love the fact that she masha’Allah loves reading but I sometimes worry that it will come in the way of her hifdh. I’m kinda glad I have something I can take away that’s beloved to her if she doesn’t do her hifdh and murajaah properly. I know that sounds a bit harsh – but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do when pushing your child to complete their hifdh insha’Allah. May Allah aid us all. Ameen.

The library really and truly is a wonderful place and I don’t think I could home ed without it unless we were super rich and could order from on a weekly basis! Any home edders out there who don’t take your kids to the library – seriously reconsider – its a wonderful place that can capture your child’s imagination and curiosity about the world. And its free!

After going to the library, we took a quick trip to the supermarket as R wants to make sunflower seed bread rolls – so bought the ingredients for them. On our way back home, we were driving and I noticed a bright blue and pink ELC Play kitchen with a sign that said ‘PLEASE TAKE ME’. I screeched the car to a halt lol and there was this almost brand new kitchen being thrown out by a nursery. So, popped it into the car and the boys and R played with it most of the afternoon. Amazing what some people throw out!

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  1. Asalamu Alecum sister the library is one of our favourite places we try and go weekly even if we could buy all the books we wanted we would eventually run out of space for storing them.I also really like the Book People website but have to limit myself to how often I look on there lol.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Love the library too! Well done on finding a kitchen – maashAllah we never know what Allah has waiting for us in our rizq!

  3. As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    Alhamdulillaah we live right next to our library, a 5 minute walk. So we visit often. The kids love it maashaa Allaah. My oldest just started reading on her own, so maybe we’ll be covered in books soon.

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