Hifdh Incentives


R’s hifdh progress is going well mashaAllah – and I think we’re going to increase the amount she memorises daily insha’Allah. I’m not very happy with her murajaah and thats probably because we normally do that in the afternoon. But I’ve decided to switch that to the morning so she has to complete her hifdh, murajaah, Qu’ran reading before she does anything else. Sometimes this means that she starts other subjects around midday but I’m okay with this insha’Allah. It does mean that she does finish her set work later but I guess sacrifices need to be made.

This hifdh journey is a bit of a rollercoaster – there are good days where she memorises her portion with ease and then there are days where she struggles and sometimes there are tears! But overall, I think consistency is the key. And I don’t know about other Ummis but I notice a HUUUUUGE difference when I make dua for her – the dua of the mother is mustajaab after all!

I have mentioned this before – I don’t know how anyone can push their children to complete their memorisation of the Qu’ran without incentives.

Z is starting his little hifdh journey and is memorising the small surahs – and something like a sticker or a small chocolate bar is enough to encourage him to spend 5-10 more minutes on a surah. But this doesn’t really go down very well with an 8 year old! And so, incentives for R really have to be incentives – they need to be exciting to her and something that she’ll really work towards. And so, as you know horses are her thing and I’ve had to really put money away for her ‘hifdh incentives’. The deal is that she gets two horse riding lessons whenever she memorises a new surah. As the surahs are getting longer this gives me time to save up for those two lessons lol!

She was sooo excited about this incentive that she’s really been pushing herself masha’Allah that I’m worried I’m going to be broke soon! I’m not too fussed about her confusing hifdh with rewards. She’s young and its all about getting the memorisation done so that insha’Allah she has this for the rest of her life. I’ll focus more on the intention and the ‘living by it’ as she gets older. At the moment, the priority is that she loves Qu’ran and takes joy in the journey and doesn’t lose motivation to reach her goal.

May Allah help us all along this special journey. Ameen.


p.s. Some of you may know my husband is a haafidh with ijaza masha’Allah. He currently teaches quite a few children face to face and is looking to set up some online sessions for home educated children – so watch this space insha’Allah!


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  1. May Allah bless her and make her task easy for her. I’ld definitely be interested in this – is it going to be Quran, tajweed, hifdh? why would it be for home educated children only? Is it because of the timing?

  2. I have the same approach when it comes to rewards and incentives. Whilst children are still very young, all the emphasis should be on memorizing. Use whatever rewarding system works best for the family inshaAllah. And we shouldnt feel guilty. It is not bribing (I had some moms saying this to me lol). I used to give my girls sweets and things now I take them swimming. When they are reluctant to do hifdh, I mention no more swimming this week then, and they will be up and running. As they grow older and understand deen better, they will inshaAllah appreciate the efforts and be glad to have memorized it relatively easier (there is no use denying the fact that the older they grow, the more difficult it gets to memorize).
    But, yeah, I am interested to know too, how much has she memorized? : )

  3. Assalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabaraktuh,

    HS from india, interested for the hifz program for kids inshaAllah, count me in…

  4. “…..so watch this space insha’Allah!”

    MashaaAllah, that sounds like what I need right now, DS10 would be too old to sit in with a female teacher that I was thinking of getting for my girls……unless I stick it out and do it all by myself…….but I just cant get my head round listening to five hifz portions *and* revision portions everyday!!!!

  5. Asalamualaikum,
    I love reading your posts on hifz. I totally do it the incentive method too and agree that when kids are small whatever it takes to get close to the Quran and learn it. InshAllah the rest will come when they can comprehend such such large matters. I would be interested in the skype lessons for my kids (4 and nearly 3 inshAllah).

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