Hifdh and Not enough time


I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that there are just not enough hours in the day.

I know most of my posts are linked to hifdh at the moment but this really is taking over our home ed life at the moment and so I hope that by sharing the journey it will encourage others to seriously embark on the journey.

I felt somewhat frustrated this week as there were quite a few things that could not be completed due to the amount of hours being spent on Qu’ran alone. ie. The project R started on Explorers and Ibn Batutta has still not been completed. We just about manage to get through all her Quran which is now taking about 3-4 hours and then some Math, Arabic or English. She then has activities on different days and after that she just wants to relax by reading or playing which I of course let her. I just know how much R loves to do projects and this is the fun part of home ed.

I had to take time out and re evaluate everything and I know that these next 2 years will be tough and she won’t be able to do full on projects so I decided to try and think about ways in which she can still do fun things but it won’t reduce the amount needed to keep her on track for her hifdh.


R has really got into baking recently. And she is now doing it all on her own aside from putting it in the oven masha’Allah. She made bread rolls twice this week and scrummy chocolate cupcakes and has bought the ingredients for a chocolate cake with butter cream icing that she wants to make today. The condition is – she bakes but she has to wash and clean up. This is a great opportunity for Qu’ran time as she is in the kitchen for ages and I just either repeatedly play the portion she is currently memorising or let the ajaza run which is murajaah for her. Then I find her baking or washing up, reciting along with the Qari – so its actually additional Qu’ran time without her really knowing it and she’s doing something else that she loves. I need to find more activities like this where she can listen to Qu’ran more.

In addition, I was feeling bad that we are not following an Islamic Studies program and spoke to my husband about it and he said what better Islamic studies foundation is there then memorising the Qu’ran and understanding it. So, this week we have really focussed on the meanings and tafseer of what she is memorising. And in fact this is really aiding her hifdh – she is memorising much easier when she understands it. We don’t translate into English but go over the meaning in Arabic as we want her to understand the Qu’ran in Arabic and not by the translation.

The Understand The Quran Children’s Course is also great as she is having to translate ayat from the Qu’ran into English – so I guess some Arabic and English work there! I then make an effort to test her and ask her to translate and explain what she is memorising to me so a) I can check she is understanding it and b) I can gain some benefit too. Yup, R is becoming my teacher. 🙂

So this week a lot of focus has been on the fruits of jannah, the punishments in jahannam and racing to do good and being one of those closest to Allah. I now feel that Islamic Studies in this way is fine alhamdulillah and no longer feel guilty that we’re not following some program with textbooks. If we can continue in this way, she will insha’Allah have a good grounding and understanding of the Qu’ran which I hope will be an aid to her for the rest of her life and indeed her akhirah.

So, hardly any formal science, barely any formal history or geography but she is memorising and understanding the Book of Allah which is the foundation of our faith. Sometimes choices need to be made in order of priority…

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  1. May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for her and your famliy. InshAllah Allah will put barakah in her time during and after hifz, so no need to worry about other subjects, Allah will take care of them for her.

  2. May Allah reward you for sharing these Hifz posts, Im benefitting a great deal from them, Im sure others are too. MashaaAllah.

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