Progress Update for all (incl me!)


This time last year I was in Mina preparing to undertake my hajj. How time flies! I cannot believe its been a year already and this year, one year on from hajj, I find myself looking at progress in all areas of life…


Am I better person? A better Mum? A better Home Edder? A better believer? I honestly don’t know. I feel as though there are so many things I still need to do, and still need to improve in. I look back at that wonderful time last year – in blessed places at blessed times and I feel sad that I still have certain shortcomings. But then surah Balad reminds me that this is a path that is steep and we’ll never truly ‘make it’ and have the level of emaan we want because only Allah knows if that level is sincere and good and for His Sake and this life is about constantly trying to move towards closeness to Allah. The day we think we’ve achieved a certain station in our faith is the day of our downfall. So much to improve in and we don’t know how much time we have left…



My dear daughter R is now 8 years old masha’Allah and I see her true character emerging. When they’re little they just say and do anything to please you but as they grow, you really see that they have their own opinions and thoughts which are often completely different to your own – its about nurturing those qualities – Allah help us all. Ameen.

R, as you know, has undertaken her hifdh journey masha’Allah and it requires a lot of time and patience from her (as well as us!) R loves horses and looks forward to her horse riding lessons which are her hifdh treats. She adores reading and making jewellery and suddenly detests math!

R’s home ed consists of:

Qur’an (hifdh, revision, reading, and tafseer)

Arabic – Madinah Books, reading and Understand The Quran program including translation of Quran

English – Galore Park, spelling, grammar

Math – currently working through the MEP program

The rest she learns through reading and self study. She loves her outdoor classes: kickboxing, pottery, archery, swimming and Muslim Cubs.

Oh and she loves baking and made her first big chocolate cake all by herself for a charity project at Muslim Cubs (Scouts). They sold the cake to passers by to raise money for the Quran Project.



My dear beloved Zuzu…*sigh*

I love him masha’Allah but my gosh he tests me! He is very challenging and I can see he is the one who will constantly keep me reading parenting books and trying to improve as a mother!

Zuzu loves fire engines and is a very active 4.5 year old mashaAllah. He enjoys being read to.

For Quran, bless him, he’s memorised all his Quls, Fatihah and Masad which we are really pleased with as he really has struggled with his hifdh.

English – he knows the following phonics: s, a, t, i, p, m and can write the letters too

Math – lots of counting and teaching him recognition of numbers – currently can recognise 1, 2 and 3 and can count to 10. We’re also using the MEP Reception program

Arabic – again teaching him the letters with fatha – alif, ba, ta

It is very slow but he is a different learner and I’ve noticed that he needs to touch and feel the letters and numbers before he can get it. Very short attention span – so I spend no longer than maybe 1.5 hours per day (split up) with him.

He also loves computer games and enjoys his swimming and kickboxing lessons.



Y is 2.5 years old and currently the baby in the household (but not for long insha’Allah!) He is very sweet masha’Allah and quite advanced for his age – reminds me a lot of R. He has his moments too and really can throw a nasty tantrum and there have been numerous occassions where I’ve found him beating up his brother!

I hardly do anything structured with Y at all. I talk to him a great deal and he has a very rich vocabulary masha’Allah – could also be because he LOVES books and being read to and picks up words and phrases from everywhere. Without any formal teaching, he knows how to count to 20, knows his colours, shapes and knows a few phonics and numbers. He LOOOOVES drawing. I had an entire drawer of scrap paper for over a year which he has depleted in a month!

He loves playing, loves Reading Eggs and books but I’m in no rush to ‘school him’ even though he seems to be quite advanced for his age.

Right now, I feel like we’ve got into a good routine with R’s hifdh taking up most of the time as well as quite a few outdoor activities which will be coming to an end this term. I won’t be registering them for another term for a few activities due to our new family addition which should be with us in about 4-5 weeks insha’Allah.

Am plodding along – or waddling along as some friends have teased and am now at that stage where I really would like it out – its becoming quite uncomfortable alhamdulillah.

Bag is finally packed after a labour scare last night. I’ve seriously gone into nesting mode and am cleaning, painting and decluttering everywhere.

Life is crazy busy with home ed, other work and usual mother/wife duties but I do love it. I just hope Allah is pleased with me as that is the only true success..

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  1. Assalamu alaikum, may Allah bless you and your sweet family on this Arafat. May Allah be please with you and bless you with jannah. Keep your intention sincere and reward you for running this website and helping people like me. Also bless you with easeness to carry on running after you had the baby. May Allah give you easy labour and healthy baby. Ameen

  2. Assalam o Alaikum Dear Ukhti,

    May Allah be pleased with you and bless you in all your affairs. I really Love you nd your family for His sake.

    umm Bilal

  3. Asalamalaikum Ive just discovered your site, its so inspiring mashallah. You seem so down to earth. May Allah reward you sister. Im really struggling as just a mother of three. I’d love to homeschool but really dont have faith in myself. Well done on everything. 🙂

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