Last day of eid today which R and I have spent on the sofa. I think we’ve both got the flu! I was dreading it as quite a few sisters have had it. Flu and end of pregnancy…not a good mix.

We were invited to spend Eid with our ‘second’ family who looked after the kids for us when we went to hajj last year. We had a good Eid mashaAllah. On Thursday night, R made a lovely chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and we made sweety bags for all the kids (12 in total!) I let R wear nail varnish for the first time which she was very excited about – I thought let her experience that now as next year she might not be Islamically able to! I also did some henna for her so it was a nice mother n daughter experience.

It was then baths for everyone and off to the eid prayer on Friday. A bit of a disappointment as our local masjid didn’t pray it properly – husband was not impressed!

Came back home – gave the kids a couple of pressies and then off to our ‘second’ family where there were party games, food, sweets and chocolate, more presents and lots of screaming and laughter. We ended the day with a firework display outside the family’s home which made it nice.

Yesterday, R spent the day reading and was very quiet – I thought something was wrong. I started to feel icky and today we’ve just been feeling quite rough. Alhamdulillah.

All in all it was a great eid but now praying I get better soon as I do not want to go into labour with lots of achy joints and temperature – duas please all! Hope you all had a great Eid!

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum Ukhti,

    A hearty Eid Mubaruk to you. Alhumdulillah we had a good eid as well with family and friends visiting. May Allah cure your flu and give you strength to go through this last trimester and labour with ease, coming out of it with a salih child in sha Allah Ameen. remember us in your duas as well. wa Salam

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