Stage 3


After missing 2 weeks of swimming classes, I took R to her swimming class on Wednesday. R can swim masha’Allah but she has never completed a width on her front. She can do so on her back but on her front, she runs out of breath really easily and then stops half or 3/4 of the way.

The swimming teacher always tells her to calm down, to turn her head to the side when she runs out of breath etc but she found it hard.

On Wednesday, I sat there in the parent’s viewing area and MASHA’ALLAH she swam the width of the pool for the first time! I was soooo excited and when I saw the swimming teacher grab the swimming file – I really hoped that it was to write out her certificate that she had passed stage 2.

A few weeks prior to this, one of her friends who she also goes to Muslim Cubs with was moved up to Stage 3. I think this must have been an encouragement as R masha’Allah came out of the swimming pool with a new certificate and badge and now has moved up to the main pool and into stage 3! I was so proud and happy masha’Allah.

I keep reminding her that her swimming lessons will come to a stop once she ‘grows up’ and so to really focus so that she can have this skill for life. R was well chuffed too alhamdulillah.

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