Nesting and knitting…



Got less than 2 weeks left insha’Allah before new baba arrives insha’Allah. And am in nesting mode BIG TIME! šŸ˜‰

Noticing dirt everywhere – decluttering the entire house and repainting all those dirty walls. Tiring but feels good alhamdulillah.

Home ed is pretty much continuing. R’s hifdh is going well masha’Allah. Z’s phonics and sight words are coming along slowly but nicely alhamdulillah. Y is addicted to Reading Eggs – which suits me just fine at the moment.

R has started attendingĀ aĀ knitting club run by our local Muslim home ed groupĀ and has really got into thatĀ – quite a relaxing hobby mashaAllah.

And ALHAMDULILLAH, Y is now officially potty trained with the exception of nights – relief alhamdulillah.

So, just waiting and nesting some more…


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