Bilal (RA)


I do like to document ‘moments’ so that I can look back on them.

My kids are obsessed with the upcoming arrival insha’Allah and are getting very excited.

I have a birthing ball which they think is the best thing ever – they jump and roll over it – to be honest, I think they’re making more use of it than I am!

This morning after breakfast, Zuzu lay on the floor and placed the birthing ball on his chest and said ‘The One, The One’. It was such a funny but sweet moment – it took me a couple of minutes to clock on that he was imitating Bilal (RA).

He does keep us entertained masha’Allah.

As for me, lots of menstrual type cramping but other than that – playing the waiting game…

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  1. Aslkm. May Allah (SWT) ease the journey through delivery for u, Ameen. In one of your past posts I remember reading something about teaching one of your kids Arabic. Did you use the series by Abdul-Azeez Abdur-Raheem (Islam House)?


  2. As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    Aw maashaa Allaah, that’s really cute.

    May Allaah make your upcoming birth quick and easy, and guide little baby and it’s family, aameen.

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