Electric bugs


We don’t really do any formal science due to R’s hifdh. I know she would love to do more but inshaAllah am hoping our recent weekend science time will suffice for the time being.

Each week, I or the kids choose an experiment to conduct and we have a discussion on our findings. Recently we made electric bugs! This was to test whether materials conduct electricity and thus complete the electrical circuit.


So, you need coloured paper, foil, tiny bulbs, wire, glue, Sellotape, scissors and a battery. This experiment is from one of the Usborne science experiment books. Basically you need to connect the wires to the battery and bulb to make a circuit. But leave two wires free which will act as the antenna of the bug. Wrap these with foil.


Wrap the main part with paper, you can add wings etc. Your bug is now ready for testing!




R, Z, and Y each had a bug and went around the house testing different objects. Z was just excited to see the nose of his bug light up when the antennae touched electrical conductors. R’s observations went a bit further and she asked why some objects made the bulb shine brighter whilst others just about got it to light. We then discussed good conductors and poor conductors.

It was a very enjoyable, fun and hands on way of doing science mashaAllah.

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  1. MashaAllah sis. Youre a star! This is a must do for me and my girls. Jzakillah for the ideas. Keepthem coming when you can pls. X

  2. Mashallah sister ur doing a great job, ur ALhamdulillah very inspiring. Just wanted to know where u get the small bulbs from?

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