Spring, caterpillars and butterflies


Since the kids returned from Algeria, we’ve been learning about Spring, caterpillars and butterflies.

Here are some pics of what the children have been up to.




Planting and gardening. Did a take it to your seat centre with the boys about the different parts of a plant.


Boys did role play of journey of caterpillar to a butterfly. In this picture they used prayer mats to wrap themselves up into a pupa!

Boys decorated name plaques with cut out spring pictures from magazines.


Bought live caterpillars from insect lore. Did this with R when she was younger now it was a chance for the boys. They loved seeing the caterpillars get bigger. Often you’d see a change in a matter of hours!



Highly recommend families doing this. It’s one thing reading about it and its another thing it unfolding in front of the kids eyes.


Zuzu loves cutting and sticking and made a poster about the journey.


R wasn’t forgotten. She spent time working on a descriptive piece of writing on the journey but from the perspective of the caterpillar in the first person.

We also read lots of books about spring and the journey of the caterpillar.

Was a brief but enjoyable topic study.

I’ve found that is easier to have one topic for all of the kids and to differentiate in the activities according to their age. So, will inshaAllah be continuing in this way inshaAllah.


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