Real home ed and ramadhan


We’ve pretty much stopped formal work apart from R’s quran schedule and Arabic. For Z, he’s continuing with quran, Arabic and lots of reading eggs.

MashaAllah his reading has really picked up and we had a wonderful moment last week. He decided to grab a piece of paper and a pen and without me asking him he wrote the words ‘see, cat, the and man’. I couldn’t believe it mashaAllah. And now he’s sounding out loads of words, he sees words everywhere when we’re out lol. This is it inshaAllah. When they start acting in this way they’re ready. So am going to carry on as it seems the method I’m using is working with him now alhamdulillah.

Despite not doing much formal work, I feel that we’ve had some real home ed days alhamdulillah. Recently I’ve met a few ‘readers’ of my blog and I cringe when they tell me how long they’ve been reading the blog as it means they saw my awful super structured home edder type posts right at the beginning. I feel like we’ve got into a nice pattern of formally work plus following their interests etc.

Here are some real home ed moments recently:


R handled some real live birds of prey.


I love this picture of my boys mashaAllah. They were talking about the pigeons. And I think the robot found the conversation very intriguing.!


Last week R made homemade pizza dough in the morning and then made the pizzas for our dinner in the evening. She loves baking mashaAllah. I often give her free reign of the kitchen so long as she tidies up afterwards. It’s actually quite nice to have home made treats without baking myself!




Kids enjoyed a pizza making workshop at Pizza express. This was what prompted her to make her own at home a couple of days later!


Found these bug collecting sets in the 99p shop. Come with tweezers and magnifying glass. Kids had a ball findng insects in a local common. They came home with:


A lizard! R tells me it’s a salamander.



They found beetles, millipedes, spiders. All on my kitchen table!

We also thoroughly enjoyed attending a South London home ed sports day. MashaAllah the kids surprised me. Y took his races very seriously. It was really funny.

Yesterday we joined a few other home edding families who are friends and took a trip to Dorking Forest. The kids had a blast and the husbands and kids went on a hike. R was so excited to tell me that they found a nest with newly hatched birds and unhatched eggs. She said it looked so surreal. Beautiful scenery from the top of Dorking forest.

Today we spent the day cleaning the house ready for ramadan. We’ve made a rough ramadan plan as a family which we’re all rather excited about.

All formal home ed will stop. R wants to fast the whole month again. I’ve warned her it’s going to be tough. But she keeps reminding me that she fasted the whole month last year mashaAllah so she can do it again this year. I said it’s up to her but you remember that she isnt baligh yet so to take it easy. But she diesnt want to.

She’s also set herself the goal of reading the whole quran this ramadan and has split the daily pages into designated times. As a result, we’ve decided to support her in her goal and reduce the hifdh amount and do more murajaah on previous ajazaa instead. She seems quite happy with that.

She’s also making a knitted hairband for baby S and a toy that she’s going to crochet.

I love real home ed like this MashaAllah.

Hope everyone has an amazing ramadan where Allah distances then from the fire permanently and forgives them.

Please remember my family and I in your duas.

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  1. assalamu alaikum sister. MashaAllah from your blogs it seems to me that you are doing such a wonderful job and your home ed methods sound incredibly effective. Im a close follower of your post because i love the ideas you share and the flow of subjects and interests around your kiddies seem to be always alive and engaging. I wish to meet home eds families specially muslims. we live in central London. Is there any workshops you know of? Pls can you recommend? as i would love to take my kids this summer inshaAllah.
    Jazakillah khairan for the inspiring ideas. Keep them coming.
    May Allah reward you immensely…ameen.


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