9 years old


Today is the 15th of Ramadhan and R has turned 9 by the hijri calendar. To me, this is more important than when she turns 9 by the Gregorian calendar as the Islamic calendar is what Allah and His Messenger have stipulated the Muslims go by.

Can’t believe it was 9 years ago today that my darling R entered into the world. I feel quite emotional writing this. I remember very clearly the day she was born and here she is 9 years old already masha’Allah.

This Ramadhan, I’m very proud of her (not in an arrogant way but more in a motherly-love kind of way). This is her second year of fasting the whole month and mashaAllah she has kept all of her fasts. She also decided to set herself the goal of reading the entire Qu’ran this month and day 15 she is masha’Allah tabarakAllah on track and will have completed her 15th juz today.

We did have the same goal but I sadly am way behind her. I think I seriously underestimated how difficult fasting would be in the heatwave that we’ve had, plus breastfeeding (baby S seems to be feeding more and more) and then the sleepless nights. Alhamdulillah, despite all of this, I have managed to keep all of my fasts. But am lagging behind on the Qu’ran front. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish reading the Qu’ran this month but alhamdulillah am so happy for R as if she continues in the way that she has, then this will be her first ever time completing her recitation of the entire Qu’ran – and what better time to do it in, then the month of Ramadhan – the month she was born in. Insha’Allah it will be something she’ll remember.

Aside from that, not much else going on. R has stopped her hifdh during Ramadhan. Didn’t plan on doing this but she was so passionate about completing her recitation of the Qu’ran that she just couldn’t have managed her normal hifdh timetable at the same time. So instead, she has been doing an extra juz a day of murajaah to really try to consolidate it. I know this might seem a lot – one juz recitation and then a separate juz of murajaah but it is doable if split up in chunks in the day.

R has also had her daily Arabic lessons and apart from that, she’s been free to do what she likes. She has been knitting a hairband for her sister, baby S and has been reading a very lovely book about the stories of the Prophets. This book has been on our shelf for some time and can’t believe we haven’t read it sooner. It really is just perfect for R’s age. It isn’t for adults and isn’t for little kids – its more for the age bracket of 8-13 I would say.  So, she’s been enjoying that.

As for the boys, it has been Qu’ran revision. Stopped on the hifdh front too. And looooots of Reading Eggs. Z’s reading has really taken off masha’Allah and I have now taken out the Superdragons reading set and he is reading simple books to me. Yay! Been waiting for this.

Half way through Ramadhan, I’m determined not to get depressed at not being able to achieve what I had set myself to do. Alhamdulillah, I take comfort in knowing that our intention is rewarded even if we did not complete the deed. And it is all about the intention behind deeds and not the deeds themselves. Allah knows our situation, He knows…

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Ramadhan. Please remember us in your duas.

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  1. As salaam alaikum

    MaaschaAllaah a great achievement!

    We read also a book about the lifes of the prophets. Maybe it`s the same book than Yours? Ours is written by Leila Azzam (and translated into Finnish). Our kids like it and like Your book, I think that this too good for age about 8-13, my girl age 9 and boy age 11 like to listen it, but also a 3 year old boy listens with older kids :).

    Have a blessful Ramadan!

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