Ramadan achievement and next year…


Every time I revisit my blog to post, it seems like ages since I last posted. I know I must keep saying it but I don’t know where time is flying by! Baby S is almost 9 months old! SubhanaAllah…

So Ramadan flew by as it usually does. Alhamdulillah I managed to fast the whole month but found it very tiring especially due to the heat and constant breastfeeding. All my plans kinda went out of the window as sleepless nights feeding really knocked me out. After iftar, I could barely keep my eyes open. Insha’Allah next year I hope to achieve more goals..

MashaAllah tabarakAllah R did it! She achieved two thing this Ramadan: she completed her first ever full reading of the Qu’ran from surah fatiha all the way to surah nas. And mashaAllah she did it during the month of Ramadan – so 2 achievements for her.

SubhanAllah may Allah preserve her, she became very emotional as she read her final page of Qu’ran – a day before Eid and once she had completed she burst out crying bless her. She was so happy that she had managed to achieve her goal. It was tough especially as she fasted the whole month but masha’Allah I’m really proud of how she really strives to reach a goal she sets herself. I think this is an essential lesson for life and I’m very much a goal orientated person and really wanted this for my kids.

Since Eid, we’ve hardly been doing anything. R has started up her hifdh schedule again and has started a new program for murajaah and hifdh – hope to post about that insha’Allah. Aside from that she’s been reading. The boys have been playing loads and fighting – when does sibling rivalry calm down in boys?!

I’m feeling a bit nervous as I only have just over a week left til we start back with formal home ed and I’ve only done a bit of planning. Another year awaits us and I’m hoping that it will be a year with less interruptions inshaAllah..

Hopefully I can blog more this year…mmm…we’ll see…


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    That is so wonderful to hear about R’s progress. I am so proud of her! Maashaa Allah.

    As far as the fighting, that is the one thing I truly dislike about homeschooling.

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