Back to home ed


So today we returned back to formal home ed. Feels good to return to some sort of semi structured routine. I’ve planned a fairly relaxed week as I wanted to ease the kids back into a routine slowly.

This year, I’m planning on teaching the boys the same content together insha’Allah. Y is 3.5 and Z is 5.5 but they are roughly on the same level academically. I find it is much easier this way.

I’m still reading an Islamic book to them daily immediately after breakfast and open the foor for discussion. It helps set a good tone for the rest of the day.

I’ve also decided to start reading a chapter or two from a parenting book or home ed book before I begin my day. I feel I need to get in a certain frame of mind before my day. I did this today and mashaAllah it really made a huge difference.

Today, all kids did Quran, Arabic, Math, English. I had planned to do some science with R but scrapped it as she wanted to explore her chemistry set with me.

Lots of reading taking place. R is set to complete the St Clares set that she got for eid. She reads them every night. At the moment, Z and Y are playing with magnets. R is finishing off some hifdh preparation for tomorrow before she heads off to kickboxing and baby S is just miserable due to high temperature and teething.

I’m tired but happy. Good home day mashaaAllah alhamdulillah.


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  1. Salaam Masha’Allah sounds lovely. I am very new to homeschooling so have just started. Trying to ease myself into it to. I was wodnering I like your idea about starting off with reading something islamic and opening a discussion. What kind of books do you use for this. Also what books would you advise a frist time homeschooler. May Allah reward you with janaat al Fridaws.

    Umm Esseyah

    • Walaikum assalam
      Welcome! Oh we read stories of the proohets, stories about the companions, islamic stories etc. Any books by John Holt are good inshaAllah.

  2. asalaamu alaikum,

    in sha Allah you are well.

    Can you please share your daily routine, for example: what time you start, breaks etc.

    Also i hope you dont mind sharing R’s Hifdh and revision program so that we can benefit too i sha Allah. Does she have a teacher? how often in a day does she spend with quran? Does she have any days off? How many hours per day? etc

    JazakiAllah khairun

    Umm K

    • Walaikum assalam
      Everyone’s home ed life is different so our routine is unique to our family but inshaAllah I’ll write a post with a few pointers that work for us. As for hifdh im planning on writing a new post about our changes which you might find useful. In the meantime there is an old post I wrote since time ago which went into a lot of detail about our hifdh. You’ll find it under the quran section inshaAllah

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