Benjamin Franklin House Museum


Today another home edding sister kindly took R with her own children to attend a workshop at the Benjamin Franklin House Museum. I was ever so grateful that she helped by taking R as I really don’t think R would have been able to attend. I feel very nervous travelling on public transport with a breastfeeding baby!

When I collected R, she didn’t stop talking about the workshop and said it was one of the best ones that she has been to. The workshop was educational, informative, fun, lively and included a mixture of history, science, technology. I was sad not to have been there but from what R told me – it is a workshop other home educated children really should attend. The museum is in Central London and lasted 1.5 hours.

At home, I enjoyed some quality time with the boys before baby S awoke from her nap (she’s extremely clingy!) Need to do something about their sibling rivalry though – that’s the one aspect of home ed that I don’t like it – the constant arguing and fighting between my boys…*sigh*

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  1. Salaam sis,
    I am new to the homeschooling arena and your blog really gives me hope masha’Allah keep it up.
    I have a five year old, im finding reading hard, any tips on this. Also you mentioned a blog about your son similar age to my little one making a car and focusing on this. My little one has poor attention span so I want to make it fun and get her to focus what was the toy your son made.

    I completly agree with the whatsaap thing, even having no phone is good. Ihad a phone detox, fb and all the rest and was suprised how much you can get done.

    • Ws welcome to home ed sis. Regarding reading just take it slow, make it fun and read LOADS to her. The car was meccano suitable for age 5ish. Yes completely agree about the whole social media thing!

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