Blind for a few hours


The children and I watched a great movie called The Miracle Worker about the life of Helen Keller who was blind, deaf and dumb. It was an excellent film and R in particular really enjoyed it.

After the film, R decided she wanted to test out how it feels to be blind deaf and dumb.


So she wore a blindfold, I stuffed tissue into ears but she could still hear so in the end she settled with the blindfold and not talking. We carried on with our day as usual. Her brothers were particularly amused. And after a few hours we spoke about how it felt to have some of her senses removed. We also spoke of the importance of being grateful for our health and using the blessings of our senses in that which is pleasing to Allah.

I think it also made her love increase for her paternal grandfather who became blind over 10 years ago due to illness.

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