Forest school again… For the younger ones!


I completely forgot that the home ed group we attend had booked the forest school today for the little ones aged 5 and under. So we were back there again today. Z and Y both had a blast and were both so keen in engaging with the forest school instructor. In fact I feel Z got more out of this session than the session for the older kids yesterday.


They started off by talking about the life of a tree and pretended to be seeds that grew into shoots then trees etc. They then took a basket and had to follow the trail of pine cones which would take them to the forest.



They all then collected different leaves, berries etc and brought them back where they made a giant collage and a small clay collage each.



Highlight though were making these herb dolls by taking out the insides of an elder branch, inserting a pipe cleaner and then threading on a conker. The rosemary twigs acted as arms and legs for the doll.

What I love about forest school is the children are at one work nature, get absolutely filthy and really use their creative skills in the natural environment.

Quite a few of you have emailed me asking me for details. Details of the one I’ve mentioned is here:


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    • Walaikum assalam
      Yes it’s really enjoyable watching the younger ones really enjoy things like this. They grow so fast subhanaAllah

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