Handwriting without tears


For the boys, I’ve been using the program Handwriting Without Tears. It’s an American system for teaching handwriting and I feel it is great. A lovely sister bought the book for me all the way from the US when R was little but by the time it arrived R was already able to write.

But now alhamdulillah it can be used for the boys. Let me run you through how it works. ..


So I can use it for the remaining 3 children who will be learning how to write, I photocopy the pages.


The lesson starts off with me showing the boys how to write the letter on a small chalkboard. I was given these tiny chalkboards and they are perfect size for this program. It is important that they see each step of writing the letters in the specific order.


Next, I wipe off the letter in a wet sponge in the same procedure of writing the letter. It has to be in the same order. So the shape of the letter is still visible on the board because of the water.


After this with a dry cloth, I then dry the letter. .. again ensuring I’m drying it in the correct order of forming the letter.


After this the boys then do it with their boards and chalk, sponges and dry cloths. And then I give them a sheet from the book to complete independently. Above Y is completing his sheet.

What is great in my opinion about this method is the repetition of chalk, wet sponge and dry cloth. The child sees the method of writing the letter three times. The size of the board is crucial and is great because the child uses the board edges as margins for the letters. It is very difficult for small children to form letters freely on a page. And so drawing the necessary lines along the edges of the board helps them control each letter or number.

Handwriting Without Tears includes lessons for uppercase and lowercase letters aswell as numbers. We do a page a day whenever we do English. MashaAllah I can honestly say it has been really good for the boys.

Oh and I found the app on the ipad so sometimes they can supplement it with that.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a handwriting program for their children.

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  1. Assalamalaikum,
    This post was really beneficial for me. I have a 4 year old son and his letter formation for some letters is completely wrong. I.e for the letter ‘a’ he will do an ‘o’ and add a flick! I have a few questions:
    1. Should I correct it? Or will he learn/correct himself over time? (He goes to school)
    2. I have a small square chalkboard that I picked up from the Poundshop, is this ok to use or does it have to be a particular size?
    3. Is the book available anywhere in UK? I read that you got it from the US. Are worksheets available online to print?
    4. What about the board with double white lines, where can I get one from?

    Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions.
    I have been following you for a few years now, dont underestimate how much its helped me and countless others. May Allah reward you and bless your children.

    • Walaikum assalam sister
      It is always nice to hear from lurker readers mashaAllah. Welcome.

      In answer to your questions. ..
      1. Yes I think correct formation from the beginning is important.
      2. Yes that’s fine inshaAllah
      3. Maybe check Amazon but all those years ago I couldn’t find it in the uk but maybe that’s changed now.
      4. Sorry not sure what you meant by board with double white lines?

      Ameen to your duas sis. Jzk x

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