Wind project


We’ve been learning about Wind this month. It’s been so much easier learning altogether rather than do different projects. Just requires me to look at different age  appropriate activities.

We still have another week learning about wind and I have a few more activities lined up for them.

But this is what we’ve done so far. ..


R wrote a descriptive piece using each letter of the word wind. I encouraged her to use her senses as she wrote the piece. Not sure if you can see what she wrote, it says:

Whistling gracefully on lovely gentle days. And blowing fiercely through angry stormy times.

Invisible and delicate, it can shatter into a dangerous storm.

Not visible to the eye but can be heard by the ear in sounds of whoosh and whoo.

Dark and dareful in a storm, destroys everything in a hurricane. Swirling round in a tornado.’


She built a windmill using a Thames and kosmos kit called wind power 2.0
A few months ago, I and a few sisters ordered some Thames and kosmos kits as the price is so much cheaper when you buy in bulk. The prices are more than 50% cheaper! I’m so glad I arranged the order as the kits are fantastic mashaAllah and a good investment as the other kids will inshaAllah use them too.





This particular windmill creates electricity and a bulb lights up without any electricity supply. This led to a discussion about how windmills are used to produce electricity for homes etc. We learnt about the science involved and how it works.


With the boys, we read books about Wind and had a bit of fun blowing different objects around using a straw. We also watched some videos of tornados and hurricanes which amazed the boys.

The above windmill also charges rechargeable batteries. Managed to find rechargeable batteries in the pound shop! So R is planning on conducting that experiment. Let’s see if it works!

A sister has arranged a trip to a local windmill in January inshaAllah so that will tie up this project nicely inshaAllah.
I’ll post up some more of what we’ve done next week inshaAllah.

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  1. Mash’Allah tabarakallah. Your blog has always be a source of inspiration and I have learnt a lot from you over the years. Jzk

    • Ameen. Jzk for your kind comment. MashaAllah all home edders work so hard with their kids. May Allah accept it from us all as ibadah. Ameen.

  2. Allahuma Barik….Looks amazing. This monthly topic Idea seems ideal. So how do you choose the topics. Is this how you would teach science or geography or do you do those as lessons too. May Allah reward you for sharing all your information. May Allah protect you and your family Ameen.

    • I choose topics based on what my children’s interests are and I have chosen a mix of geo, history, science, islamic studies. No, we don’t do additional geo/science studies. Everything for these subjects are learnt in the monthly topics. Ameen sister. Jzk.

  3. Mashallah sis, did your R make up that poem by herself? All that vocab comes from lots of reading mashallah, and I’m sure you included the dua for windy/stormy weather, Subhanallah I’m learning there is so much you can teach with just a topic. Jazakhallah khair for sharing

    • Yes masha’Allah. I just helped her by making her think. .. like asking ‘if the wind was a person, how would it feel in a storm etc.’ Ahhhh….I forgot about the dua!! Jzk!

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