Y wrote his first word and read his first book!


I apologise if some of the posts I write seem irrelevant. I sometimes write posts more for myself as a record.

Y had a few firsts! He’s 3 years old 8 months old and loves drawing and writing. He’s constantly with his magic board or a piece of paper and pencil.

He was busy drawing a few days ago and called me to come see what he just drew. I expected to see a picture or some numbers as he’s forever writing numbers. He had written his first word all by himself and it was. ..


I was so touched!


Zuzu is reading the Bob books to me. And I thought I would try the first Bob book with Y as he knows all of his phonics. He has expressed in the past that he wants to try and read to me too just like zuzu does but I said no. To my surprise he was able to read the first one mashaAllah. He wanted to read more but I don’t want to put any pressure on him as he’s still so young. I see so many similarities between R and Y. But I’ve learnt through my experience with R to just let him be and progress organically with certain things.

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  1. Salaam sis would you be able to post some pics of inside the bob books so I can see what level would be best for me to buy for my little one shes 5.

    Also could you give me some advice on how to start Hifdh with my five year old. She knows parts of surahs but not complete and I am not sure how to get her started.

    • Walaikum assalam
      Sorry sis but if you look at Previous posts you’ll be able to find both. Type in Bob books into the search box aswell as hifdh. I have written posts in the past on both.

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