Muslim scouts


I would highly recommend that home educators sign their children up to muslim scouts. R has been attending scouts since she was 5 years old. She started as a beaver and is now a girl cub up until age 10/11.

It is very reasonably priced. It’s about £25 for about 3 months and she attends once a week for 2 hours.

MashaAllah the scouts group she attends are run by some amazing sisters who really want the best for the girls. They really are inspiring leaders mashaAllah.

They have instilled some good habits into R, the sports and games are fun and the trips they arrange are amazing mashaAllah.

Recently R attended a church visit as part of her faith badge. Her scout leaders really prepped the girls  islamically for the visit. Yesterday R experienced rifle shooting for the first time and in 2 weeks they’re going camping (without their parents) for 2 nights.

Other trips have been the yearly scout funday, a cave expedition. They did a cake sale for the public etc.

Muslim scouts are everywhere all over the UK. So do check them out inshaAllah. Looking forward to zuzu starting next year inshaAllah.

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  1. Salaam….
    Masha’Allah I have enrolled my DD 5, onto Beavers, they couldnt take her without me as its officially from 6, so I am volunteering. I can not wait for her to get some independence and go on her own when she is ready. I am enjoying volunteering however I do feel for a homeschooled child it is important for her to go on her own too (when she is ready)

    Masha’Allah since im volunteering and learning to be a leader please do post up the different things R and even Z get up to in scouts so I may learn new and interesting ways to do this. Which beavers was she part of with sisters. I ahve just joined 11th Marylebone, which is a muslim one for those in Central London.

    Jazaakum Allahu khairna for all your info.

    Take care

    Wa salaam

    • Awwww Jzk sis, that’s very kind of you. I’m not really into awards but the gesture is very kind all the same mashaAllah. May Allah reward you. Ameen

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