We’re walking for SYRIA!


My children and I are taking part in a 5 mile sponsored walk for the Syrian refugees.
Alhamdulillah, a few sisters and I know a husband and wife team who have been working on the borders for the last year. They are doing some amazing work mashaAllah and we have decided to set up a sponsored walk to raise much needed funds for their project.

This is a problem often not spoken about taking place on the Syrian borders: http://www.aljazeera.com/video/middleeast/2013/12/displaced-syrian-children-celebrate-christmas-2013122561953187675.html

Here are details of the brother and sister’s project to deal with the above problem: https://www.facebook.com/#!/sistersofshaam

We are walking on 4th January inshaAllah! Please kindly sponsor myself and my children so that we can raise a large amount of money for this very important cause. You can sponsor me via paypal to ummraiyaan@googlemail.com and please put ‘Umm Raiyaan’ as a reference.

May Allah reward you all. Ameen.


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  1. I am so saddened by what I just saw. I feel like crying. I can’t describe in words what I am feeling now. May Allah protect those children, ameen

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