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Zuzu’s milestone


My dear beloved Zuzu is my different one mashaAllah. He doesn’t enjoy learning unlike the others. But he’s extremely creative mashaAllah.

I have to sit with him in order for him to complete any formal work. I don’t give him a lot daily. .It is in small bitesize doses.

Yesterday he surprised me. I told him an aunty has a 6 year old boy who would like to be his penpal and that he’s from Canada. He was so excited and he immediately wanted to write a letter. I was so excited!

So he wrote this on his own mashaAllah. It’s the most independent writing he’s ever done and he really tried very hard. He got tired towards the end and asked me to write the rest for him which I did.


Mental note to make sure he does writing and any English work based on what he enjoys as it’s then effortless and more enjoyable alhamdulillah.

Truly was a moment to remember! Love these milestones especially when they come naturally from the child themselves.

Simple art and craft ideas. .


A few art and craft ideas that our home Ed group arranged for the kids that you might want to try at home. .

At our home Ed group the girls made mosaic coasters. The kit came with everything and was quite reasonably priced for about 24 coasters.

The sister bought them from Baker Ross and they turned out really nice.


R and I had the job of grouting all of the coasters for everyone as the glued tiles had to dry for about an hour. The grouting was quite therapeutic!


The boys also made these mosaics using painted egg shells on a paper backed piece of cardboard.


And highlight was making their very own marble run using a shoe box and straws. Simple activities but two happy boys alhamdulillah. ..

Looking for penpals for Zuzu and R


Zuzu walked up to me today and decided that he would like a penpal from Russia! Mmm… That might be tricky and I tried to explain that to him but in true Zuzu style, he won’t have it any other way. So please are there any sisters out there in Russia reading this blog? Zuzu is almost 6 and keeps asking me every 5 minutes if I’ve found him a penpal!

R is also looking for a penpal. She had one a few years ago from Canada but became a bit disheartened when she didn’t receive a reply to her last letter.

Any sisters out there with a daughter in a different country between the ages of 9 and 11?

Please let me know. Jzk!

Email that touched me. .


My plan was to make the blog private due to some personal reasons. I didn’t feel many readers would mind as the comments on the blog have been quiet in recent posts.

I was quite shocked at how many private emails I received requesting it to remain open as it has helped with ideas for kids, resources etc. I think most of you readers are lurkers! !

I apologise if I haven’t responded to you privately. There was one email that I received from a sister who doesn’t comment but has been following the blog for many years. It touched me, made me fill up with tears and made me rethink my decision to go private. So inshaAllah it is public again and to the sister that sent me that email. .. Jzk for having a profound impact on me and causing me to reflect on what I do and what’s important to me.

So update from us. .

We’ve had in laws over from Algeria staying with us over the last few weeks. As the children hardly ever get to see my husband’s side of the family every year due to them living abroad, it has been nice for them. But it’s also meant that pretty much everything has gone out of the window!

I find it quite frustrating as R’s Quran schedule is badly affected. She feels it too!  We have started to get back to some sort of normality since they left.

Aside from lots of play, the kids have visited practically every museum in London due to taking the in laws.

I found some cheap sets of magnetix on gum tree to add to the boys collection. They take that out 5x + per day.


R attended a local textiles class and made the cushion in the picture above. She used the sewing machine and glue gun. Quite a nice pretty result mashaAllah. The sister who teaches the class is very creative mashaAllah and it was very kind of her to set up a class just for home educated girls during her break from being a teacher.



We also attended a trip visiting the Brixton windmill which R particularly enjoyed. It came at the right time as we had just finished a project on wind. This windmill is one of the only ones in inner London and is 10 mins from where we live. .. Didn’t know it existed!

Zuzu is as creative as ever. Here he has made a Knight costume and wouldn’t take it off for ages! !


Amazing what he can make with bags,  paper, tape and a cereal box!

Finally, a sister shared this excellent article with me. I definitely recommend reading it. ..

Please can you help me?


Firstly, Jzk to you all for your comments and emails. I’m sorry that I have to make the blog private. But there are a few personal reasons.

Before I go, if you have benefitted from the blog then I would like to kindly ask that you please help me with something. Please see below. ..

I need some help please from as many sisters as possible. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes of your time and I shall make individual dua for everyone that helps me inshaAllah! 🙂
Here is a questionnaire that I would appreciate it if you could answer and please kindly forward to as many sisters as possible. All answers are confidential inshaAllah and will not be shared with anyone!
Please email your replies to
May Allah truly reward you. Ameen!!

1.       Would you say that you have a vision for your dunya life and akhirah life?
If yes, would you say you are working towards that vision?
If no, would you find it beneficial to discover your vision in life?
2.       Would you say you are using your skills and qualifications to their full potential or are they on the shelf gathering dust?
If gathering dust, why do you think this is so?
3.       Since becoming a student, wife, mother, employee – do you feel there is enough time in life to achieve your dreams or a lack of it?
If yes, what do you believe are the reasons for a lack of time?
4.        What in your opinion are the main distractions for Muslim women – preventing them from realising their goals and dreams in life?


5.       Do you have ideas that you would like to turn into realities but find it difficult to do so?

What do you believe are the reasons for this?


6.       Think of an idea, dream or goal you have always wanted to achieve in your life but haven’t been able to do so.  How would you feel if this actually became a reality? What difference would it make to your dunya and akhirah?


7.       How interested would you be in receiving help and guidance to turn your ideas, goals or dreams into actual realities?
8.       If the above help was available to you, what would that guidance/help include? (Eg confidence building, brainstorming, planning). Please be as detailed as possible.


9.       What do you believe are the problems with current organisations or individuals who provide life coaching/personal development type courses/services?

We completed the walk!


Assalamu alaikum
Yesterday around 130 sisters and children took part in the Winter Walk 4 Syria (5 miles)

We were tested with rain, the kids and adults were drenched. We were confronted by the EDL, neglected at one point by the police and we were tired and anxious.

But Allahu akbar the walk was one we will never forget. It was as though Allah wanted to show us a slight taste of what the Syrian women are enduring: adverse weather conditions and fear for themselves and their children.

We stuck together and masha’Allah we left on a very positive note as in only 2 weeks from when the walk was an idea to yesterday we managed to raise over £30,000! Indeed Allah is truly Merciful!

In Allah we place our trust in all situations! Jzk to all who  participated and all who donated/sponsored!

Walk update


Assalamu alaikum all
Jzk for  sponsoring myself and my children. I wanted to inform you that it may be that just myself and my girls will be attending the walk and the boys will remain at home. I wanted to inform you as it is an amanah and you may have sponsored us thinking that we might all do the walk. If you wish to alter your sponsorship please let me know before 4th jan.
Umm Raiyaan