We completed the walk!


Assalamu alaikum
Yesterday around 130 sisters and children took part in the Winter Walk 4 Syria (5 miles)

We were tested with rain, the kids and adults were drenched. We were confronted by the EDL, neglected at one point by the police and we were tired and anxious.

But Allahu akbar the walk was one we will never forget. It was as though Allah wanted to show us a slight taste of what the Syrian women are enduring: adverse weather conditions and fear for themselves and their children.

We stuck together and masha’Allah we left on a very positive note as in only 2 weeks from when the walk was an idea to yesterday we managed to raise over £30,000! Indeed Allah is truly Merciful!

In Allah we place our trust in all situations! Jzk to all who  participated and all who donated/sponsored!


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  1. Assalaamualaiki,

    Can we still donate? I hadn’t read your last few posts so I just found out about this cause. May Allah accept it from all of you.

    JazakumAllah khair

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