Please can you help me?


Firstly, Jzk to you all for your comments and emails. I’m sorry that I have to make the blog private. But there are a few personal reasons.

Before I go, if you have benefitted from the blog then I would like to kindly ask that you please help me with something. Please see below. ..

I need some help please from as many sisters as possible. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes of your time and I shall make individual dua for everyone that helps me inshaAllah! 🙂
Here is a questionnaire that I would appreciate it if you could answer and please kindly forward to as many sisters as possible. All answers are confidential inshaAllah and will not be shared with anyone!
Please email your replies to
May Allah truly reward you. Ameen!!

1.       Would you say that you have a vision for your dunya life and akhirah life?
If yes, would you say you are working towards that vision?
If no, would you find it beneficial to discover your vision in life?
2.       Would you say you are using your skills and qualifications to their full potential or are they on the shelf gathering dust?
If gathering dust, why do you think this is so?
3.       Since becoming a student, wife, mother, employee – do you feel there is enough time in life to achieve your dreams or a lack of it?
If yes, what do you believe are the reasons for a lack of time?
4.        What in your opinion are the main distractions for Muslim women – preventing them from realising their goals and dreams in life?


5.       Do you have ideas that you would like to turn into realities but find it difficult to do so?

What do you believe are the reasons for this?


6.       Think of an idea, dream or goal you have always wanted to achieve in your life but haven’t been able to do so.  How would you feel if this actually became a reality? What difference would it make to your dunya and akhirah?


7.       How interested would you be in receiving help and guidance to turn your ideas, goals or dreams into actual realities?
8.       If the above help was available to you, what would that guidance/help include? (Eg confidence building, brainstorming, planning). Please be as detailed as possible.


9.       What do you believe are the problems with current organisations or individuals who provide life coaching/personal development type courses/services?


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