Zuzu’s milestone


My dear beloved Zuzu is my different one mashaAllah. He doesn’t enjoy learning unlike the others. But he’s extremely creative mashaAllah.

I have to sit with him in order for him to complete any formal work. I don’t give him a lot daily. .It is in small bitesize doses.

Yesterday he surprised me. I told him an aunty has a 6 year old boy who would like to be his penpal and that he’s from Canada. He was so excited and he immediately wanted to write a letter. I was so excited!

So he wrote this on his own mashaAllah. It’s the most independent writing he’s ever done and he really tried very hard. He got tired towards the end and asked me to write the rest for him which I did.


Mental note to make sure he does writing and any English work based on what he enjoys as it’s then effortless and more enjoyable alhamdulillah.

Truly was a moment to remember! Love these milestones especially when they come naturally from the child themselves.

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  1. Assalamoalaikum

    MaashaaAllah tabarakallah
    So lovely to be receiving your posts more
    Regularly. So look forward to them. Allah reward you.

    Lovely to see Z motivated in writing. When I was teaching 4-6 yr olds the boys didn’t want to write and I had to think of more creative way to get them to mark make. So making invitations,writing letters, sign making etc always helped them get motivated to write. ESP if they had to organise something in their play. Like a football match or a garage for their car play. Getting a response from others meant they had some purpose to their writing.

  2. I’m trying to get my 3.5 year old to write and we found this really nice game to play. Not sure if ur little one is beyond it but I thought I’d share.

    Each of u has a piece of paper and pen. U both draw anything u like. So for example my abdullah drew an apple and I drew a mug. We then swapped papers and had to label each others drawing. MaashaaAllah abdullah enjoyed this game very much. Most of the time his drawings were not recognisable so he would tell me what he drew. However he took great satisfaction in labelling each picture I drew. We shared the end results with his father.

    I’m trying to get him to focus on blends etc so make sure I draw more difficult pictures. Like duck. House etc.
    Anyway thought Id share. Hope it helps someone insha Allah.

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