Singapore Math


I really don’t know where the time goes! Can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday!!

Kids have been pretty much doing their normal share of formal work. Watching documentaries and the usual imaginative play, zuzu’s arts and crafts and Y’s drawings!

R went on a trip today to the British Library where she attended a book making workshop. She was fascinated by the library but a bit disappointed that it is only for adults!

I’ve started a new math program with the boys which I’m really happy with alhamdulillah. It’s called Singapore Math. I listened to a workshop a few weeks ago and spoke to a fellow home edding sister who uses it and I was sold! I can see the difference in my boys already mashaAllah.

The ages in Singapore are different. So grade 1 there is actually year 2 here in the UK but the program is so thorough that even my nearly 4 year old is really understanding math! Because we’ve started at grade 1 it’s a year and a half in advance for Zuzu and 2 and a half years in advance for Y (were they to be in school) so am taking it nice and slowly.

I’m not a huge fan of swapping and changing resources as I feel quite a few home educated children kinda suffer whilst mum is constantly trying out something new which leads to no consistency. Math needs to be consistent even ifonly done in tiny small doses. I used to be like this when R was younger and learnt the hard way!

The boys were learning math using different resources but now I feel better that I’ve chosen something for them that I’ve researched and seems to suit their way of learning.

I was going to start R off on Singapore math but decided against it as she needs consistency in her math rather than changing to a new method.

I hope to blog more about Singapore math as it really is great. Singapore leads in math results for children in the world and now I can see why.

If you’re interested, do a search in YouTube and you’ll find lots of videos as to why this is a great program and why the UK is using it in several schools.

Big thumbs up from me. Anyone else using it?

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  1. As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu dear sis

    Alhamdulillah we use Singapore Maths (just finishing level 1 InshaAllah and another using per-school books). We are only new to homeschooling but we like them so far. They were recommended to us by another homeschooling sister also.

    Jazak Alahu khayran for your updates and posts – it’s a great support and resource TabarakAllah.

    Was salaam alaykum
    Sohret/Umm Halil

  2. Assalamu alaykum,
    I am using with my kids the MEP. I would like to hear your views comparing the two. I am considering to change it to Singapore maths. I know the original Hungarian maths from where the MEP was taken from, I like them more but I do not want to teach them in Hungarian.
    JazakAllah khayr.

  3. Assalamualaikum Sister,

    Hope you are all well.

    I would also like to hear why you dropped MEP with the boys, i was planning to use Singapore Math before i read about MEP on your blog. I looked it up and liked it and decided to give it a try. Just finished Reception with my 5 year old and i really like their approach.

    Here in the US a lot of families use Life of Fred and Math U See. I haven’t had a look at LOF but MUS is very similar to Singapore math except MUS is a bit more hands on, from what i have seen. What i found unique about MEP was their focus on developing mathematical thinking rather than just teaching concepts. I also feel it might be more advanced (wrt thinking aspect) than SM or MUS.

    We just finished off reception with my 5 year old and are about to start year 1 but now really want to hear what you have to say about it since you have been using it with R.


  4. Assalamu’alikum,

    I came across your website through google! I run monthly Singapore Maths sessions in East London for home schooling parents and school teachers. It’s there to support teaching of Singapore Maths. If you are interested then do let me know…you may be attending already?

    I’m also starting a Singapore Maths Acdemy for children:

    Jazak’Allah Khair,

    Mohi Uddin Ahmed

  5. We do MEPs too. In addition to being great series, it is all FREE. All the lessons are nicely planned for you and all you have to do is print off and get organized. So the comparative review of the two would be appreciated. Also, what level would a child be whose finished MEPs Year 1 and MEPs Year 2? I couldnt work out the levels on Ichtus resources. jzk for this useful post though

  6. Also, is it necessary to buy both the textbook and the workbook? Just compared the prices on few websites, quite costly programme I have to say. But, if worth it then mashaAllah very good to know to have the alternative for my 2nd who is not so keen on MEPs.

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