Every day is different


No two home Ed days are the same.
Some days we knuckle down to a lot of book work. Other days we don’t do any book work at all.

For example today, I fell ill and just couldn’t do anything. So my plans didn’t materialise but that was absolutely FINE.

We had an autonomous day. I actually see these autonomous days as real home Ed. .. More than the structured days. I love them and really need to make more space for them.

So this was our day:

R woke up prayed and did her hifdh.
Boys woke up and read in bed and then played with their cars.
Baby S woke up and I gave her her milk (she still breastfeeds).
We all had breakfast and spoke about all sorts as is usual at breakfast times for us!
Boys did murajaah.
R did her murajaah.
Boys played and watched a documentary.
R carried on with a paper quilling project she’s working on. She’s really into that at the moment after borrowing the tools from a friend.
We had lunch and prayed.
Kids decided to watch a few documentaries.
I put baby S to sleep and fell asleep with her.
Woke up and a delivery from my dad arrived for Z (he turned 6 today) … a new electronics set.
The boys spent ages using the set.
R decided to do a few electricity and magnetism experiments.
Tested R on her hifdh and some murajaah.
Did a bit of tidying up together.
Prayed maghrib together.
Kids played, read and entertained their baby sister.
Had dinner.
Tested out a new projector for work… They were amazed – felt as though we had a home cinema lol. (We don’t have a TV at home).
Got ready for bed. Duas and adhkar.

A very chilled out autonomous day. Love these days. I don’t see them as unsuccessful home Ed days as home Ed is life. . It is real living. Embracing the flow. .

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  1. Allah grant you shifa.
    SubhanAllah everytime I read your post it gives me that extra boosts.
    I never joined help groups etc but following your blog has been inspirational. I will have to catch up on all that I’ve missed . Zzzzz

  2. Assalam alaikum sis. Lovely to see what your day was like. Do the kids watch their documentaries online? And how do you choose the documentaries they watch? Do they watch any cartoons? Really intrigued and inspired. It’s really great R is at that age where she is becoming independent bad seems to be growing into her own person.

    • Walaikum assalam
      We choose together and R is old enough to switch off if something is unsuitable. Yes they watch cartoons too. All online as we don’t have a tv.

  3. As salaamalaikum sis
    MashAllah I really look forward to reading your blog. Can you please tell me the name of the electronics set that ur received as I have been looking for a good one for my 5 yr old as he would lovesh things like this.

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