Duas that lack certainty!


A few days ago I was speaking to a dear friend. The conversation started off with her pouring out her frustration at not being able to achieve a particular goal she’s always dreamed of. She told me of a slight obstacle that she felt was getting in the way of this dream turning into a reality. To her, this obstacle was the main reason that she couldn’t have what she has always wanted.

I saw it very differently. After a long conversation on the phone, she told me she felt like a ‘burden’ had been lifted and she saw the entire situation in a completely different light. I wasn’t going to blog about it but I thought it may be that others are in a similar predicament and so I will inshaAllah share with you some of the things I mentioned to her.

Many of us want so many different things in our lives. In fact, the list is endless. We have these ideas that keep itching away at us and we hope and dream and then hope and dream again. But why is it that nothing actually transpires?

I’m going to quickly talk about two initial steps that are very important…

Be certain in your own dreams

We all know that Allah answers our duas. Either He azza wa jaal gives it to us in this life, grants it to us in the next life or prevents an equal harm from happening to us. We all know that if we want something badly, make dua for it! One of the conditions of a powerful dua is that you are CERTAIN 100% that Allah is hearing you and that He WILL respond to you. No doubt about it – no ‘insha’Allah’ – no ‘maybe’. But that ‘YES!’, HE WILL RESPOND. But here’s the problem. Many of us are not even certain in what we are asking for so how can we actually have that certainty that our dua will receive a response?

Lack of certainty in our own dreams breeds INACTION. When you’re not certain about something – you’re simply not passionate and to be quite frank, you won’t put in the ACTION to make it happen. You won’t even raise your hands and beg Allah for it because it isn’t something that has been ingrained into your heart yet.

So one of the first steps is really to take time out to build your vision for your dunya and akhirah, to refine it to such a level that you almost SEE it happening right in front of you. Your fingers start tingling, your heart starts racing as you can almost touch that vision. Your senses reach a heightened state and bam! It’s there right in front of you – you can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste its sweetness. It isn’t far away. It is almost as though you are watching a movie of your dreams unfolding right in front of you. You can almost see yourself enjoying the pleasures of jannah – the different fruits you will eat, the gathering of people in jannah seated on magnificient chairs waiting for their one on one time with Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) where they can ask for anything that want…the Day of Increase!

Be certain in your goals for this life and the next, so that when you make dua for it, when you start putting it into action, it actually starts unfolding right in front of your eyes.


Be certain in your duas

Now that you are at a point where you’re child-like excited about your goals, you will definitely be making dua for it EVERYWHERE. You’ll know that you need to lift it up to Allah – that without doing so, it won’t be fully possible. You need that golden seal of baraka from your Lord. But this time you’ll be making dua differently. Instead of asking for the actual goal or dream to happen. You will be making dua that ‘When it happens ya Allah ….x, y,z’  It is now not an ‘IF’ dua but a ‘WHEN’ dua! Why? Because your certainty in your dua happening and your certainty in you doing the work is how can I put it….. ‘mmm…mmm… mmm….mashaAllah!’

Sisters, try to focus on these two aspects in your life and watch the amazing results unfold. With Allah anything is possible. We just need to be certain in that.

And finally, to my friend who I spoke to…I’m still waiting for that registration form!

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  1. I think I need to read that book that has been on my shelf for years. ‘Dua- weapon of the believer’ inshaAllah
    You mention it so much I feel I haven’t given it its due .

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