FREE Online Webinar by Umm Raiyaan





FREE Online Webinar

‘How to turn your dunya and akhirah dreams into a reality!’

13th May 2014 ~ 9pm

by Umm Raiyaan

Be passionate about your akhirah. Live your life in the dunya for your akhirah. Be the Muslimah you want to be.

This free online webinar for sisters will inshaAllah cover the steps sisters need to take to turn their dreams and aspirations into a reality. We all want to memorise the Qu’ran. We all want to be in service to others. We all want to turn those ideas we’ve had for many years into a tangible reality.

We only have one chance in this dunya to truly MAKE IT in the akhirah!


This free webinar is a prelude to the main course starting on 7th August 2014. Read more about it here:

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