Daily Archives: November 7, 2016

Where have we been?


It has been a few years since I’ve blogged. That makes me feel somewhat sad. This blog has been private for some time and I’ve decided to reopen it due to a number of requests.

Wow, to think that I started it back in 2007 and here we are almost 10 years later.

What’s new?


R is 12, Zuzu is 8 (soon to be 9), Y is 6 (soon to be 7) and baby S is soon to be 4 inshaAllah.


We live in Algeria!

The children are still being home educated the British system. R, Zuzu, and Y all experienced school for the first time. Yup – they went from fully home educated and ‘at home’ from birth to an Algerian school and the Algerian curriculum! Probably need to blog about it.

So, we’re here in North Africa – our new home, learning, growing, falling out, laughing, crying, struggling, triumphing…living.

The blog is open to you all again. Hope it will still be of benefit to those of you who wish to revisit.

Looking back at old posts – wow, how things have changed and how the children have changed.

May Allah help all of us in raising these little and ‘not-so-little-anymore’ believers. Ameen.


***Update*** R asked me what I was doing as I wrote this post – she couldn’t remember that I had run a blog! What an emotional time for me to look at her now aged 12 as she reads the blog that was started when she was just younger than 3 years old!

Your sister,

Umm Raiyaan