Quran Curriculum: Surah Naas Project


For those who are not familiar with the Quran curriculum that we started this year, please read the following post: https://ummihomeschoolsme.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/planning-for-20102011-part-2/ (the part about the Quran curriculum is towards the end of the post)

Okay, so here is the Surah Naas Project:

  • Recite Surah Naas
  • Read the translation and tafseer and discuss the child’s thoughts about surah naas. Good child friendly explanation of the surah can be found in this book:


  • R then completed the Ad-Duha mini tafseer book: 114 Naas
  • R then read and completed the fun activities in The Story of Adam (AS):

This can be bought from http://www.learningroots.com
  •  We then went back to the explanation of surah naas and talked about Shaytaan and how we can defend ourselves from his whisperings – we talked about situational duas, asking Allah for protection, eating with the right hand, morning and evening adhkar, coming into the house with our right foot and leaving with our left etc.
  • R then completed this unit study on Shaytaan: understanding_shaitaan (this comes from a really great blog mashaAllah: http://homeschool4muslims.blogspot.com/)
  • We then branched into Geography and discussed who ‘Naas’ is. We discussed the different nationalities of humankind and that they live in countries and that countries together form continents. Here, I would advise using a globe. R then completed the following ABC Book of Continents (instead of frawing the animals, she cut them out): ABC-BookofContinents
  • Learning about continents and using the globe to complete that book triggered a lot of questions from R about maps and globes, so we completed a few activities from this great resource: K-2 Maps Rev 1 This resource has so many activities in it. We didn’t complete everything. We watched a lot of the video links recommended in the resource. We made an old-style treasure map, a compass rose and drew some other maps.
  • We finished the project with R choosing a country that she would like to study in more detail. She chose Saudi Arabia and the following ready made lapbook can be used for any country. She actually hasn’t finished it yet. Here are some of the mini books she has completed:

These are the front covers of some of the minibooks.

Inside the mini books.

 We mainly used the internet to get information about Saudi Arabia as we couldn’t find a library book on the country. http://www.homeschoolshare.com/country_lapbook.php

  • And once R finishes this lapbook, I plan to put everything into a binder and make a front page called ‘Surah Naas’ project so that she can look back at it. We will also finish off with a discussion about the surah and what she has learnt about Surah Naas.

Here are some of the blog posts which feature some of the activities we did for the surah naas project: https://ummihomeschoolsme.wordpress.com/?s=naas

Hope you find it beneficial and if you do do it with your children, do let me know how it goes inshaAllah.

Hands On (Longish post)


In a week we do tend to complete a lot of bookwork as there are lessons that need bookwork in order for the child to learn and practise such as Handwriting, Comprehension etc etc.

I really want R to have a rich and varied way of learning. So, this year I really am trying hard to let her do more hands on learning activities in conjunction with her textbook/workbook stuff. The week that has just gone saw a lot of hands on activities take place. Here is some of what we did:


For Math, R is working her way through Year 1 of the Hungarian MEP programme. She has been working on < and > (greater/less than) and adding numbers, subtracting and has had to complete quite complex sums using <,>,+,-, = sometimes all in one sum! Anyway, I found some ready made number sheets in different colours. I made a long strip of paper from sugar paper and gave her the pack and told her to complete a long sum using the above signs. She enjoyed it.


We were finally able to record results for our fungi experiment. Basically, the bread that was left outside took a long time to grow fungi. I explained to R that I think thats because its getting colder and so the garden air acts like a fridge. The bread that had water added to it kind of just became a ‘puree’ but then the bacteria started to grow. The bread that was just placed in the container grew fungi very quickly. Green and just yucky! These pots were living in my kitchen and really it did make me feel sick having to cook with them there on the kitchen top. Glad we’ve got that out of the way. I think its made R a bit paranoid as now she seems to be turning over fruit, bread and cheest to make sure there is no fungi!


As part of our Surah Naas project, we were still working on cardinal directions. R made a compass rose. The instructions said that she had to make salt dough to make it. But she protested saying that we can’t waste flour like that when people are starving in the world. Gotta say that I was very embarassed when she said this and quickly put the plain flour back into the cupboard. So, instead she decided to use playdough (isn’t playdough from the shops made of flour too??!) The blue triangle is North. The orange are east, west and south. And the green are NE, SE, SW, and NW. We’ve almost come to the end of our Surah Naas project. So keep an eye on the blog for my post where I will be posting PDFs, instructions etc of how to do your own Surah Naas project inshaAllah. We just have one more thing to do this coming week and then we’re done and will be moving on to Surah Falaq.


R keeps on asking me to teach her how to sew. I really don’t have the time at the moment. So, instead a really quick and easy sewing project was making a leaf and flower from felt. Drew a leaf shape on A4 felt folded into 2. R cut it out and sewed around it. She then drew a flower shape in purple, then one in red and a middle yellow circle. Placed a pipe cleaner between the two layers. Placed the circle on top and sewed around the circle part to keep the whole thing together. Really simple to do and she really enjoyed it.

Another bit of art was painting an Islamic Art Tile that she made when we went to the Eid Festival in Dunstable Downs in September. We discussed geometry, shapes and symmetry. She was really into this some months ago and her interest has started up again. But I don’t know where or how to direct this interest. Any ideas???


Okay, so basically, here R put the sequence down for the prayer times, how to make wudu, the positions of the prayer and what to say at each part of the prayer. This lovely pack comes from http://www.learningroots.com

A close up of the above picture.

This is a picture of all the cards from the first picture above turned over. So, on the back of the salah times is a description of when the time begins and ends. On the back of the wudu cards are explanations of each part of wudu and how to do it. On the back of the position for prayer cards are instructions of how to make ruku, or sujood or the other actions properly. And on the back of the speech in the salah cards is the position that comes next and what to say. These are just fantastic and I think a definite must have for kids in every muslim home.

A close up of the above picture.


I love Autumn colours.

When I was planning R’s home ed for this year, I really wanted to do more nature studies and am using the following website as a guide: http://handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com/2008/02/green-hour-challenge-1-lets-get-started.html

So, we went out and we observed Allah’s beautiful creation. We looked at huge trees, and the smallest leaf and nuts and berries. R want to collect quite a lot and put a lot into her bag to take home with us. This is what she picked up in a London city park!

That big green oval shape is a pine nut (I think) which actually hasn't opened yet. It's quite heavy! Can you imagine if that fell on your head as you walked under a tree!

This week, I will try and find some time to investigate two of the things that she either observed or picked up in more detail inshaAllah (this is suggested in the Outdoor Challenge #1). Really enjoyed this and I hope to keep this up. You don’t have to go far to do this. Even a walk up your own street will suffice.

So, you see, home ed doesn’t just have to be about workbooks. Learning can and in my humble opinion should be conducted in a variety of fun ways.

An Honest Day!


I saw another homeschooling blogger do this and I thought I would have a shot (more for myself so as to see how I use my time).

Basically took a piece of paper and recorded everything I did in one day! Here we go:

  • Fajr and adhkar
  • Made beds
  • Had breakfast with kids
  • Brushed kids teeth and washed up/Did my own
  • Breast fed baby Y
  • Washed dishes
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Put something on for kids to watch on the internet
  • R worked on her treasure map which she started yesterday

As part of our work on surah naas. We have been working on 'mankind'. So, we have been learning about continents and maps. Here R drew a map which will lead to some treasure. She then ripped the edges. I made myself a cup of tea. She then dragged the used tea bag over her map. The crumpled the map into a ball and left it to dry overnight.


  • I finalised my weekly shopping list
  • Hoovered and mopped the house
  • Dressed the kids
  • Put Y down for his nap
  • Called the garage which was fixing our car
  • Called the dentist to book an appointment for R and myself
  • Z was playing
  • Shouted at R to leave Z alone as he was playing quietly and nicely before she interrupted his play!
  • Paid a bill online
  • Shouted at Z who was having a tantrum
  • Brushed R’s hair
  • R did her handwriting – she’s very excited that she’s working on joined up writing. I find that her handwriting hsa become a lot neater since she’s been joining up.
  • I read Z 3 books
  • Z went off to play
  • Marked R’s handwriting
  • Worked on a dawah article for non-muslim women
  • Read more books to Z
  • Replied to some emails
  • Went around the house and put toys back in boxes and did a quick tidy up
  • Y woke up
  • Changed Y’s nappy and breastfed him
  • Put kids shoes on and waited for husband to come home from work to take us to pick up the car
  • Did R’s Quran whilst in the car
  • Picked up the car from the garage
  • Screamed at Z for getting out of his car seat and standing up!
  • Ate lunch in the car
  • Husband went back to work
  • Went to do the weekly shopping
  • Shouted at Z in the supermarket for a) taking his brother’s socks off and throwing them on the floor b) for pinching his brother’s feet and c) for standing up in the trolley child seat trying to reach for stuff on the shelves!
  • Got home and prayed dhur
  • Breastfed Y
  • Put Z down for his nap
  • R did her comprehension
  • Changed Y’s nappy
  • Put Y down for his nap
  • Put the shopping away
  • I read some Quran
  • Worked on the dawah article I started earlier
  • R did her MEP maths
  • R then made a Math train

R used addition and subtraction to make this 'train'. I left her to it and then checked once she had finished. She basically had a pile of numbers and some + and - signs and just had to carry on.

  • I told R the hadith of Jibraeel (AS) and she made a Pillars of the Deen poster and pyramid from learning roots.

  • R read two books to herself
  • Carried on with the dawah article
  • Y woke up
  • Breastfed Y
  • Prayed Asr and adhkar
  • Read a chapter from The Cat Who Wanted to go Home to R (she loves this book. We’ve read it twice now)

  • R read a chapter to me from the same book
  • Z woke up in a bad mood and screamed for 20 minutes
  • Got dinner ready
  • R drew two identical pictures
  • When Z calmed down, R and Z played by running all over the house, jumping and screaming. Baby Y was laughing at them
  • Continued with the dawah article – finally finished it and sent it to the brother who is running the campaign.
  • Prayed Maghrib
  • Husband came back from work
  • We ate dinner
  • Brushed kids teeth and put them in their pajamas
  • Put baby Y to sleep
  • Worked on some other dawah stuff
  • Prepared tomorrow’s home ed
  • Cleaned the table
  • Kids built a tent and played
  • Continued with dawah stuff
  • It was 9pm when R took the treasure map she had made and her father had to find the treasure following her map (I actually wanted her to be in bed long before but then she cried as she had been excited since morning for her father to follow her map!)

R's Abi following the map


R made a treasure box in the morning from a recycled tissue box and she put her Abi's 'treasure': his beloved pumpkin seeds!

  • I tidied up
  • Checked emails and replied to text messages
  • Looked over Year 1 MEP and made notes of what subjects are missing from there which I need to find resources for (this is in case R has to go back to school at one point) I want her to be up to date as per the national curriculum as well.
  • Prayed esha
  • Went to bed

What have I learnt? Need to seriously make dua to have more sabr with Z and really work on my anger management!

Back to normal


Wow! Ramadan flew by (as usual!) And eid was nice. MashAllah, this year’s eid salah has to be my absolute favourite!

We drove about 30 mins away which took us to the outskirts of London and prayed in a large park with 500 other Muslims. This is actually the sunnah and mashaAllah it really did feel like Eid. All the sisters were hugging and greeting each other. And the khutbah was really meaningful. The Imam talked about the fact that celebrations amongst non-Muslims are always linked to either colonisation, independence from a country or someone dying on a cross (!), etc. But the day of Eid is all about celebrating the oneness of Allah (Swt). Never ever thought about it in that way. What was really amazing was an almost 80 year old revert that had only taken his shahaadah days prior to eid.

Where we prayed the eid prayer

Bouncy castle, balloons, ice cream and tea and breakfast provided by the masjid!

After that we spent a nice day out and came back home to a few gifts for the children. Was a nice eid alhamdulillah.

 On the Saturday, we were invited by one of our home ed sisters to a party which was absolutely brilliant! The games were great and there were so many prizes for each child in each game. It was really planned very well mashaAllah. You did a great job sis! MashAllah! On Sunday, we spent the day in East London at the East London festival. It was a nice day but oh my gosh was it packed! I bumped into so many sisters that I haven’t seen in years including one that I went to primary school with (she already knew that I had become a Muslim so it wasn’t a shock seeing me donned in a big black hijab lol) So, after such a crazy hectic weekend, I didn’t have time to get myself ready to start back our HE routine on Monday. So, instead used that time to do some last minute prep and R amused herself with educationcity.com, making a family from wooden spoons, an arts and crafts jungle that is currently a work in progress, reading and some Quran. I realised that even if we don’t stick to our timetable, she still manages to do a lot of stuff which is still educational and she’s still learning which is the main thing. I have promised myself this year that if I can’t keep to schedule that I will try to relax because learning really does happen in different ways and not necessarily only per the timetable I set her!

For example, making cupcakes and decorating them (math, art, language skills can all be taught in this really easy informal activity).

R decorating cupcakes.

Z decorating his cupcakes too.


Today was our first day back to schedule. R completed Quran, handwriting, math (which ended up in tears because her father thought it would be nice to make a joke about her Math ability!), grammar, read to me, I read to her, and we started on our Quran curriculum by discussing surah naas in detail and she completed the Ad Duha Mini Tafseer book. Although I did plan for some stuff for Z to do, I didn’t get around to doing it with him as baby Y had his injection and so we had to rush out to that. Z has come down with another cold (he only had one a few weeks ago and so is just quite content playing around with his cars and toy sword and gun). Strangely, with Z being ill today he has actually been easier. The last few weeks have been so hard with him. He is so different to his sister. Its been Tantrum Central over here with on average 6-7 serious tantrums per day. I’ve been told he’ll grow out of it. But it seems to be getting worse. R didn’t have any tantrums when she was his age, so this is very VERY different for me. I just hope that I can deal with HE and his very different character at the same time! Anyway, it is now  5pm and everything on today’s checklist has been completed and R is over the moon that ‘school’ has started again. lol

How has your first day gone?