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To all home educators


Please support this sister as in turn her venture might end up supporting you:

Asalamuu alaykum

Are you home educating? Interested in home education? The Home Educators Hub needs your help! 

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(1) If there were a series of online home education webinars, would you attend? If yes, what topics would you hope to listen to? 

(2) Do you use tutors to teach your children? If no, please explain why. 

(3) Do you plan or intend to plan your child(ren)’s home education in advance? 

If yes, do you feel you need assistance with this? 

If no, please explain why. 

(4) Which of the following options would you choose and why? 

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If yes, what would you expect from such a service? 

(6) How often do you use online resources in your home education?

(7) Do you see ideas on websites, blogs and books that you would like to try with your child(ren)? 

If yes, do you feel you have enough time to prepare these activities? Would you use a service that would prepare these activities/resources for you? 

(8) How often do you speak to other home educators for advice on home education? 

(9) Do you feel it is important to speak with more experienced home educators? If yes, why? 

(10) Would you be interested in a home education resource library?

If yes, what types of resources would you hope to borrow? 

(11) Please state any other type of help or support you would hope for in your home education. 

Many thanks for completing the questions. 

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Handwriting without tears


For the boys, I’ve been using the program Handwriting Without Tears. It’s an American system for teaching handwriting and I feel it is great. A lovely sister bought the book for me all the way from the US when R was little but by the time it arrived R was already able to write.

But now alhamdulillah it can be used for the boys. Let me run you through how it works. ..


So I can use it for the remaining 3 children who will be learning how to write, I photocopy the pages.


The lesson starts off with me showing the boys how to write the letter on a small chalkboard. I was given these tiny chalkboards and they are perfect size for this program. It is important that they see each step of writing the letters in the specific order.


Next, I wipe off the letter in a wet sponge in the same procedure of writing the letter. It has to be in the same order. So the shape of the letter is still visible on the board because of the water.


After this with a dry cloth, I then dry the letter. .. again ensuring I’m drying it in the correct order of forming the letter.


After this the boys then do it with their boards and chalk, sponges and dry cloths. And then I give them a sheet from the book to complete independently. Above Y is completing his sheet.

What is great in my opinion about this method is the repetition of chalk, wet sponge and dry cloth. The child sees the method of writing the letter three times. The size of the board is crucial and is great because the child uses the board edges as margins for the letters. It is very difficult for small children to form letters freely on a page. And so drawing the necessary lines along the edges of the board helps them control each letter or number.

Handwriting Without Tears includes lessons for uppercase and lowercase letters aswell as numbers. We do a page a day whenever we do English. MashaAllah I can honestly say it has been really good for the boys.

Oh and I found the app on the ipad so sometimes they can supplement it with that.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a handwriting program for their children.

REVIEW: Studio Arabiya!


This review is soooo long overdue subhanaAllah. Jzk to all those sisters I mentioned it to briefly and who patiently waited for me to post this post.

Those of you who have been reading the blog will know that a huge part of R’s formal studying is Arabic. Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s grace she is fluent in spoken Arabic mashaAllah. She speaks Derja (Algerian dialect – with typical Algerian body language an’ all lol) and fusha Arabic. She can read and understand and also writes.

She does Arabic with her father twice a week and is currently working through the Madinah Arabic books – currently working through the second book. In these lessons with her father, she does A LOT of writing, grammar, spelling, and dictation. After he’s gone through a grammar lesson with her, he sets her a lot of work and sometimes it takes up pretty much the whole day not to R’s liking but she has to do it! This is something that I feel is compulsory for her and no unschooling element to it allowed!

In addition to this, we started her on the Studio Arabiya trial a few months ago. It was a 2 week trial but I felt that it was so good that I decided to pay the monthly fee.

Her teacher is in Egypt and they do their lessons via Skype using some other software where R can view the book they are going through. For me, the main reasons why I like Studio Arabiya are:

1. R loves her teacher, Sister Reem, who I feel is just great mashaAllah. I hope Studio Arabiya give her a rise in her pay as she really is fantastic mashaAllah.

2. The entire lesson is in Arabic with no English at all (I assume they have different options for those who are just starting out with the Arabic language).

3. For me, the ABSOLUTE plus side is that for 30 mins 5 days a week, R gets to practice speaking. Her written and reading skills she can practice in her lessons with her father. She does speak to her father in Arabic as he has forbidden her to speak to him in English but I wanted her to speak as much as possible with others. In these lessons, she hears and speaks Arabic with her teacher whilst learning reading skills, grammar and vocabulary for 30 mins each day.

I asked one of the Directors about the fees and free trial for others and this is what she said:

Our basic price is $79 per month for the standard, which includes 10 hours of one-on-one time with the teacher.  If a student wants the intensive (20 hours per month) or to take both Arabic and Qur’an, the monthly tuition is $139.  We offer a family discount of 10% off for families of 2 or more students.  Everyone that signs up automatically gets the first week free.  This way they can try out the classes risk-free to see how it works.


We did try the Quran tuition at Studio Arabiya but R didn’t like it and I didn’t think it was worth it as her father is a Quran teacher. But for those that are looking for that, then they provide that option too. Although, my husband says that Quran needs to be taught in the more traditional way with a teacher face to face. Each to their own opinion I guess.

I would thoroughly recommend the Arabic program at Studio Arabiya. I’ve seen a huge difference in R’s confidence in speaking to someone else other than relatives in Arabic and the staff really take the parent’s opinons and choice into consideration. Ie. some of the work was too easy for R so I asked them to push her which is just what the teacher did mashaAllah. Very professional mashaAllah and definitely a thumbs up from me.

Check it out:

Family News!!!


I am under shock and my hands are slightly shaking as I type this.

My little 25 year old brother announced today that he has become a Muslim and is getting married in a few weeks! Am totally under shock. I can’t believe it. I always said I would shout it from the rooftops if someone in my family embraced Islam.

Well, here I am SHOUUUUUUUUUUTING it! lol

Takbeer! Allah Akbar!

We’re back…


Assalamu alaikum,

Ummihomeschoolsme has been closed for some time. I can’t go into details but I had to make it private for some time. I apologise for not replying to everyone individually who emailed to ask for access or to ask that it be reopened etc. I ask Allah (Swt) to accept this blog as a means to attain nearness to Him, to help others along this home ed journey and to protect, guide and nurture myself and my family along the way. Ameen.

We’re back! 🙂

During Ramadan, I have been planning for next year inshaAllah and we are going to be trying out some new methods, curricula and so stay tuned for more ummihomeschoolsme posts.

A request please: I hope that I will not have to make this blog private again and so I ask you all to make dua for me and my family.

JazakhaAllahu khairan,

Umm Raiyaan

Review and Writing


When I said R hated the workbooks, I haven’t gone back to them at all. And so I am trying to find alternative ways for her to work on her writing but in a fun way. She still emails her friends mashaAllah which is good but I really want her to learn her grammar, spelling etc through writing and just writing freely. We have done a lot of creative writing. But I’m trying to include different forms.

A few mornings ago, R started reading one of these magazines:

It is an old issue mashaAllah but she really got into it. What I liked about it was that it is sooo child friendly, colourful, fun and the children really do learn about their deen. R learnt about the 3 types of hajj and we talked at length about Zamzam. Within this particular issue was an activity which encouraged the children to write a newspaper report! When I saw this, I thought brilliant mashaAllah – just what I need! She didn’t feel like doing it as she wanted to carry on reading it but its definitely something I’ll keep inshaAllah for later. Whilst she was reading, I thought it would be great for her to write a review. After she finished, she wrote a review about the magazine for the aunties who read this blog. I corrected the piece for spelling mistakes and grammar. She then spent some time doing some ICT and typed up her report.

Here is what she said:

“Assalamu Alaykum aunties. I am writing about a magazine. It is called Little Explorers all about Hajj. I liked reading about Zamzam. I learnt that Zamzam is the best water in the world. There was nothing I didn’t like. I think other children would like it. I also liked the activities.”

The review is very simple 🙂 But I’m trying to bring in writing for different purposes and so I hope to expand on review writing the next time she does a review inshaAllah.

Anyway, back to the actual magazine. I would really recommend buying a subscription of Little Explorers. The excitement of receiving their own copy of a magazine addressed to them is priceless. And the magazine itself is top quality, no faces, full of colour, great activities and very engaging. What was nice for me to see was a good balance of easy to read language but also challenging words at the same time, an educational type activity linked to what they had read, something fun and she really enjoyed the comic strip at the end mashaAllah.

10/10 for us alhamdulillah! Visit today and invest in a subscription for your kiddos!

Trip Clip Winner


Assalamu Alaikum All

Apologies for the delay. As randomly selected by R. The winner of The Trip Clip Giveaway is No.8, sister Tahira! MashaAllah sister.

Please send me an email privately with your full name and postal address and I will pass this onto Molly at The Trip Clip.


Giveaway and review – The Trip Clip

Ummi homeschools me has been running for 3.5 years alhamdulillah, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted a Giveaway! Well, I am pleased to announce that this is my first giveaway! Lol, I’m really excited!Make sure you read all of the post to find out how you can enter the giveaway.First giveaway will be a product which my kids have really enjoyed during their many car journeys! I present…

The Trip Clip!



What is the Trip Clip?, I’m sure you’re asking! Well, the trip clip is an activity centre for children whilst they travel in the car, are waiting at a doctor’s appointment, whilst shopping or waiting at a restaurant! It is designed so that children are learning whilst in the above situations.

Now, R normally either revises surahs she has aleady memorised, or reads. But sometimes she doesn’t want to do either. Since our Trip Clips arrived in the post, both R and Z have really enjoyed their car journeys! I’m not sure about your families but we spend a lot of time in the car and this has really proven to be ideal!

The Trip Clip comes in four colours with a multi-pen which has four colours. The pen is attached to the clipboard with matching string and sticks to the top of the board with velcro – so no losing pens!

When you buy a Trip Clip, you are given credits where you browse the website and buy printable activities (which you can use again and again) for your children. There are many different activities and you can select the level (i.e. easy to difficult) depending on the age and ability of your child. This really was perfect for us as I could select activities appropriate to Z’s age and R’s age. Examples of activities are sudoku, mazes, wordsearches, creative writing, games and lists.

Normally during our car rides, Z winds his sister up so badly! (On the way back, they are normally conked out!) But since using The Trip Clip, both of them have been engrossed in their activities particularly the lists where they need to spot things on their journey and tick the boxes! Some of the games are designed so that the children compete with each other such as bingo.

This product comes from the USA but the lovely lady who runs this company has created international shipping mashaAllah. I really like this product and hope to get baby Y one when he reaches that age inshaAllah.

So, here’s how you enter the giveaway!

 Post a comment to this post sharing the best thing that you love about home ed!  You have until Thursday 28th April 2011. I’ll let R choose a random number of her choice  and then I will announce the winner. If you win the product, I’ll ask you to send me your postal details privately and then the Trip Clip will be shipped out to you!

The Trip Clip are also on facebook, so be sure to ‘Like’ the page as Molly, the designer designs activities based on the demands of customers.!/pages/The-Trip-Clip/296226121061

Look forward to seeing the result of my first giveaway! Happy commenting!

Product Review: Two beautiful Preschool Islamic books..


There are so many Islamic books for kids out there now. Some are good and some are not so good. But these two lovely books are just so beautiful mashaAllah.

They are both hardback and so perfect for Z’s age (3-5) to read.


The first book, Allah is Al Khaliq by Saba Ghazi Ameen is A book about colour. She links the teaching of colour to Allah’s name Al Khaliq (The Creator). The pages are tabbed and each page is a different colour. It really is just so cute and I love the original drawings in there.

The second book, Allah is Ar-Rahman (The Compassionate) explores the theme of shapes. Again, top quality mashaAllah. This is also a lift the flap book. I know I keep saying it but really, these books are top quality and just so cute.

Am amazed at how this author has brought in colour and shape and linked it to the names and attributes of Allah. Perfect for little ones and shows that Islamic teaching can really be brought into any subject.

Please do visit where these books can be bought and remember that they have a special 25% discount for us home edders! Enjoy! Leave a comment if you end up buying them and what you thought of them.