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R completed her hifdh


I wish to share some news and advice which I hope will be an encouragement for all those who have embarked upon the same journey.
Alhamdulillah, by the mercy of Allah azza wa jaal, a week ago my eldest child memorised her final page of the Quran and thus completed her hifdh. Allahumma barik alayha.

She began memorizing in a light and fun way at the age of 2 and for the first few years we focused on increasing her love and attachment to the Quran.

After she memorised her first few ajzaa, we increased her hifdh target to half a page per day and then finally to a page per day ×5 days per week which has been her routine for the last few years.

I wish to share some advice for those of you who wish for your children to memorise the book of Allah.

1. Develop a deep love and attachment to the Quran in your child. Make it fun and enjoyable. Find what motivates them and use that.
2. A reward system in my opinion is a must and let the child choose their milestones. It creates motivation.

3. Consistency, consistency, consistency. I let my daughter slip on many things over the years EXCEPT Quran. There was no compromise in sticking to the schedule. Except illness etc. If she was unable to memorise or do her murajaah on a particular day due to an outing or a difficult day, she would have to catch up.

4. A lot of discussion about the hifdh journey with your child. Spoke to her a lot about why she’s doing it, the reward, to be humble etc.

5. The child needs to develop an attachment to dua for their hifdh. The parents must also do the same. Without dua and the tawfeeq of Allah, it isn’t possible. Remember it is Allah that allows someone to memorise His words. So turn to Him.

6. Organise opportunities for the child to speak to other huffadh during low moments really helped. My daughter remembers a moment a number of years ago when she wanted to give up. She was 8 at the time. She spoke to a dear adult friend of mine who completed her hifdh. And now age 12, my daughter remarks that that was a massive turning point for her. It gave her the fuel to continue and she says she may not have completed her hifdh had that conversation not taken place. May Allah bless the sister. Ameen.

7. A consistent teacher who is a haafidh himself/herself who inspires the child towards the end goal.

8. A thorough revision schedule. Hifdh is the easy part. Retaining the hifdh requires a thorough revision program whilst memorizing.

9. Your intention as a parent. If your intention is other than for the sake of Allah, you will see your child struggle. I’ve noticed I had to constantly go back to Allah myself and correct why I wanted my child to do this. When my niyyah was correct, her hifdh and murajaah that day would go smoothly. When it wasn’t she would struggle SubhanaAllah.

Finally, believe in your child and believe with certainty that Allah can make this a reality for your child. Have full hope and expectation in both.

Please make dua for my daughter. I ask Allah to make the hifdh journey for your children and the rest of my children a blessed and easy one. Ameen. May Allah make all of us from the sincere and of those who strive for His Sake. Ameen.

Hope this has helped.

BarakaAllahu feekum
Umm Raiyaan