I almost missed it!


All these silly Islamic Self Development courses – what a load of rubbish! So many out there. This was the reason why I didn’t even bother checking it out. A sister told me that if there was one course I had to complete, it was this one. But I didn’t bother taking notice. When the deadline passed, it didn’t bother me one bit.

A few months later, the same sister told me I just had to do it. But this time, I knew there was something special about this course. My friend had completely changed. Her marriage had changed. Her relationship with her children had changed. And to top it all off, one by one her dreams were actually becoming a reality! Loads of us were just under shock!

So this time, although I still had my doubts, I decided to go along with my curiosity and I enrolled on the course. It might sound like a cliche but I can honestly tell you it is true: The last 7 weeks have been the best weeks of my entire life. Not some quick emaan boost. But a serious shift in my mindset. I have changed. My relationship with Allah has changed. My relationship with the Qu’ran and those whom I love. I don’t know what it is about this course but all I know is I’m glad I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

You may be reading this thinking you’re fine, just like I did. You probably are. Or are you? One thing this course does, is it forces you to think on a very deep level.

All I can say is this: this course will change you in ways you just can’t imagine. Like I said, it isn’t a quick emaan boost and you’re back to square one. Register and be amazed at the beautiful blessings that come your way. It is one journey all Muslim women need to take before their souls return to Allah. I’m serious!

Registration ends 24th December 2014.

Course begins 27th December 2014 9pm t0 10.30pm every Saturday for 8 weeks.

Recordings available. Cost £50

Email info@sisters-achieve.com to register. BE QUICK. LESS THAN 48 HOURS LEFT!




So many people are dying these days especially from cancer. When someone in the community dies, messages are forwarded on and supplications for the deceased are offered. The janazah is full and only those who knew the deceased personally remember..

People then continue with their lives. We are after all insaan…which comes from the same root word yansa…To forget.

People will continue to return to their Lord. You and I will too return to our Lord one day. And so too will people forget us and move on with their lives.

But with Allah, our deeds are never forgotten. We and what we did are never forgotten. The good that we do are stored, waiting for us in the next life.

What are you doing to prepare for your ending? You will die one day. People will send out msgs about you. What are you sending forth? What will be your sadaqa jariah legacy? What will you do in the dunya that will continue to benefit you in the grave?

Those that have passed on have inshaAllah fulfilled their mission in the dunya. Our test, our opportunity is still ongoing. ..

How will you meet your Lord??

Read this life changing message from a sister


There are many messages that are shared. Some long. Some short. We tend to read some and ignore others. 

Take a few minutes to read this message from a sister. It may be the catalyst that will change so much for you and your life:

If I had chanced upon this even just 6 months earlier, I probably would have given it a miss. I’ve generally disregarded such courses with the thought that they can’t help me. Being a harsh self-critic and skeptic, I thought, “I know it all, I know what needs to be done, and it’s up to me to do it. Plus, the whole ensemble of motivational talk, inspirational quotes, and emotional reactions that come with these things never strike a chord with me. They end up being mere noise and ultimately a turn-off.”

But I never did anything about my life. Any attempt at bringing change in it was short-lived.

When this course came around, I really don’t know what happened. I was at a point in life where I really needed help and I felt this course was almost an answer. Generally, it described what I wanted.

I came to know about this course through a source I didn’t know. I had no idea who Umm Raiyaan is nor was I aware of any of her blogs. She didn’t even have any testimonials for this course because it was being offered for the first time, and I didn’t come across general testimonials either. The only ‘connection’ I could make with the course was with the description provided, particularly that it was anchored in the Islamic concept of success – achieving for dunya and akhira. What really persuaded me was that we would get one-to-one, personal interaction and feedback with the instructor and that it was a long journey together towards change. It told me this was going to be a personalized and unique experience.

I signed up.

For one who is not given to classifying things under extremes, I have to say that I feel this course is one of the best things in life that Allah has guided me to. Truly, alhamdulillah.

Part 1 of Sisters Achieve has truly given me a paradigm shift. It has changed this longtime skeptic to a budding optimist. It has reconnected this tired soul and jaded heart with Allah and its ultimate destination, replenishing both. It has kindled a longing within me for Jannah, for meeting my Rabb, thus equipping me with an inner drive. It has changed my perspective about my current life through the power of shukr. It has inspired me with yaqeen and tawakkul in Allah and husn adh-dhan of Him to fly onward with renewed energy and fortitude. 

And finally, it has shown me the power of having a supportive community – one that throws those inspirational quotes at you, overwhelms discussions with emotions, and motivates you with their poignant stories. Yes, all that stuff I was allergic to, I’ve come to love and don’t know how I’ll do without.

Part 1 has taught a crippled bird to soar. You are the engine. It gives you the fuel. 

Of course, life didn’t and won’t become idyllic (that’s reserved for jannah, inshaAllah). Life is still with its challenges, but I’m just really grateful for the positivity I’ve been able to experience after so, so long

I know I will still stumble, trip, and fall, but this course has practically shown me how to get back up (and I rely on helping hands from you lovely ladies too!). I strongly pray Allah grants us all the tawfeeq to soar. Ameen. 

This is a quick reminder that you still have a chance to attend the above described course. 

It is being run 3 times:
** Online

** East London – this will be the only face to face course running of the course in East London.

Deadline for above two courses is 19th October 2014

South London – deadline is 31st October 2014


Be a muslimah of ihsaan…


When you think about loving dedicated mothers, inspiring teachers, sisters who run projects/charities and successful business women. .. What do you think they all share?

Most likely one day,when they were young, something or someone inspired them to aim for excellence in whatever path they decided to choose.

It was such a profound moment that they carried that aspiration with them for life and it led them to become the great women as mentioned above.

Less than 48 hours left to register yourself and/or your daughters (aged 12 to 18) on an inshaAllah life changing course taking place in East London or online.

Free separate course for daughters aged 9 to 11 whose mothers attend the main course.

Spaces are going fast.
Email info@sisters-achieve.com for more info and a registration form.

Deadline Tuesday 30th September 2014!!

One life. One chance.


What are you doing right now? What are you planning to do after you finish reading this message? Is what you’re about to do, something that will bring about a positive change for yourself, your loved ones and your relationship with Allah? Have you made specific choices about how you’re going to show gratitude to Allah for the amazing gifts, skills and opportunities He (azza wa jaal) has given to you? Are you spending your moments imagining and planning what you’re going to leave behind after your body is placed in the darkness of the grave? What will your sadaqa jariah legacy be? 

We’ve only been given one life in this world dear sisters. .. just one… one that will affect our eternity for eternity!

Make this one life, this one chance, an opportunity to taste the sweetness of living FOR ALLAH. Don’t talk the talk but walk the walk! Hoping that we’ll take this gift of life and turn it into a ticket to jannah is not in enough.  Physically taking action here in the dunya will be proof to Allah that we lived for Him.

There’s just 6 days left and only a few spaces left to register for the course that many have said has changed their lives. They’re moving forward, they’re perspective has changed, they’re positive and they’re making careful choices as to how to use their precious time for Allah, in preparation for the next life.

Read what they’ve said about the last 8 weeks as attendees of a unique and different course: http://sisters-achieve.com/testimonials

Now it’s up to you… 

You’ll laugh and will most likely cry. But the best thing is, you’ll leave part 1 with a different mindset, ready to make different choices as to how you spend your time in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure and create that necessary Sadaqa Jariah legacy that will still earn you hasanat in your grave.

One life. One chance. You have unique skills and abilities… use them to transform your life in the dunya and akhirah.

Send an email to info@sisters-achieve.com for a registration form.

Only 6 days left!

***3 courses in East London***


***Attention to all sisters with daughters***

Would you like to attend a course for yourself and your daughter(s) to learn the art of positivity, confidence, working hard to achieve dunya and akhirah dreams and goals whilst developing a closer relationship with Allah and an intensely deep attachment to the akhirah?

Topics covered: positivity, negativity, utilising the dunya for the akhirah, being confident by Allah and for Allah, creating a vision to seek Allah’s Beautiful Face, the secret tools from Allah, and much more. By the end of the course both adults and teens/tweens will have developed and chosen an individualised vision plan for their dunya and akhirah and tools to kickstart turning it into a reality. There will be laughter and tears as you begin to believe in yourself and in your Lord that you CAN achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams!

Sisters Achieve ( http://www.sisters-achieve.com ) presents the following 3 courses by Sister Umm Raiyaan in EAST LONDON:

1. Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams for sisters

2. Achieve your dunya and akhirah dreams for girls aged 12 to 18

3. All sisters who register for the above course will be eligible to receive a free complimentary mini version of the course for their daughters aged 9 to 11 years old which will take place on Saturday 25th October 9am to 12pm in the Walthamstow area.

(NB: The 3 courses will be delivered differently according to the ages and needs of the adults, teens and tweens.)

Dates and time: Saturdays 1st November to 20th December

Sisters 9.30am to 11.30am
Teen Girls 12.00pm to 1.30pm

Venue: Forest lodge lane
Magpie close
E7 9DF

Cost: £63.70 per person for 8 weeks which includes venue hire, course fee, course notes, weekly tasks with feedback and light refreshments

Read the emotional testimonials of sisters who are almost finishing part 1 of the course here: http:// sisters-achieve.com/testimonials

***ONLY 20 spaces for sisters, 15 spaces for teens and 10 spaces for tweens!***
    **  First come basis! **


To register, please send an email requesting a registration form to info@sisters-achieve.com stating ‘EAST LONDON and who you would like to register with names and ages.’

For more information please either read here: https://sisters-achieve.com/about-the-course or contact Umm Zakiyyah on +44 7737 569817

P.s. You don’t need to be a mum of daughters or even a mum to register for the sisters course.

Three sponsorships


Two sisters in the current group have taken the decision to love for their sisters what they have found beneficial for themselves and wish to fully sponsor three sisters for the upcoming Sisters Achieve course starting in October inshaAllah.

If you know any sisters who would benefit from the course (you can also apply for yourself) but can’t afford the cost, please ask them to complete the registration form mentioning that they would like to apply for the sponsorship.

They can register here: http://sisters-achieve.com/registration

Remember to mention sponsorship!


Allahu Akbar! 2 other sisters on the course also want the ajr of sponsoring and just sent me msgs wanting to sponsor someone for part 1. So now there are a total of 5 sponsored spaces up for grabs!