Allah Granted my VBA2C!


Assalamu Alaikum,
A very quick post to let you know that Allah (Swt), the One who is The Most Merciful, the One who answered all your duas for me granted me the VBA2C on Monday 1st March 2010. Alhamdulillah, I gave birth naturally after having had two c-sections and I birthed my son in water! lol
I will inshaAllah type up my birth story and email it to you when I get a chance. I want other women to know that they shouldn’t fall for what the NHS tells them. I was told that I would never be given the chance to have a natural birth because I had crossed the ‘2 caesareans’ mark. But then I discovered a whole host of women who have had natural deliveries after 2, 3 and 4 c-sections. It can be done. And know that whatever test you are going through sisters, the power of dua can turn anything around! When you read my birth story – you’ll see what I mean! SubhanAllah! Allahu Akbar!
May Allah reward you all for taking out the time to make dua for me. And may He bless each and every one of you in the best of ways. Ameen.
Will email the birth story soon – please feel free to circulate it around as a means of giving courage to others.

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  1. Barakallahu feeki my dear sis, i have been looking up your blog everyday since your last post. You can’t imagine just how much courage you have given me. I have two sons, both by emergency caesarean, and just like in your case there was unnecessary and untimely intervention by the doctor,nurses etc. It has left me feeling quite scared to have another baby.

    I am not pregnant again yet, but I do want to try for a VBA2C next time Insha Allah. I am waiting to hear your birth story.

  2. Wa Alaykumussalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Alhamdulillah, mashaAllah tabaraakAllah. What wonderful news Sister Umm Raiyaan. May Allah, Subhaanahu wa ta a’la, make your son, a pious, righteous Muslim always, and may He make it easy for you all, ameen. InshaAllah, salaams to your family from us – hugs and kisses for the children from us!!!

  3. Assalamu alikum

    Mabruk!!!! Hadulilah my dear sister. InschAllah Allah will make it easy for u and give u lots of sabr and health to look after 3 Kids.
    Take care of urself, take it easy, wish I could help u a bid, but will make duas for u.

  4. Assalamu alaikum

    I’m new to your site, Mubruk on your arrival, I have six children my first child was by c-section they told me not to get pregnant until at least six months, Qadr Allah I had my second child 10 and a half months later, V delivery. Alhamdollilah Its truly in Allah’s hands. Love your enthusiasm, I also home school.

    Take care, Wassalam

    • Ws wr wb

      Welcome sis! MashaAllah, 6 kids! Are you on our IHSAN forum? We would love to have your experience on there inshaAllah.

  5. As salaamu alaykum,

    Baarakallahu laka fil mauhoobi laka, wa shakartal waahib, wa balagha ashuddahu wa ruziqta birrahu

    May Allah bless you with His gift to you, and may you give thanks, may the child reach the maturity of years, and may you be granted its righteousness.

  6. Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah sis, congrats for new baby and VBAC2!!! Allah is most merciful. Hope you are settling in well, hope to *see* you around soon inshaAllah xxx

  7. As salamu alaikum

    MashaAllah TabarakAllah. Alhamdulillah, its good to know that u had VBA2C. May Allah subhanahu wata’ala make all your kids to be blessed with piety and best of Akhlaq. Allahumma ameen. Would love to hear about your waterbirth, inshaAllah. Im due on 14th inshaAllah, which is about 10 days to go. Heard about waterbirth before, but dont really know much about it. I dont mind giving it a shot, for this third one inshaAllah!

  8. Masha-ALLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH, so glad u are over and managed to have a VBA2C. May Allah mk ur son a coolness of your eyes n a pious upright servant of ISLAM. May he be a means of u drawin closer to ALLAH n not further away from him. U r truly n inspiration to all of us.

  9. Assalamoalaikum

    congratulations sister, may Allaah bless you in the child He has given to you, and may Allaah grant you the ability to thank Him and may he be a pious man and may he get long healthy life aamin


  10. Baarakallaahu laka fil-mawhoobi laka, wa shakartal-waahiba, wa balagha ,ashuddahu, wa ruziqta birrahu. (amin).

    May Allah continue to give you the hikmah to raise your children on the right path. I’m so happy for you. Like we say in this part of the world, “ara ti fu ye!” meaning you now feel very light. Alhamdulillah! hope to read from you soon

  11. As salaam alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah, this is such wonderful news! Allahu akbar.

    May Allah make your recovery and transition easy.

    Please email me when you get a chance. I need to chat with you, insha Allah.

  12. Was just waiting to know what baby joined the family. Alhamdulillah.

    Allaahummaj ‘al-hu barran, taqiyyan, wa faqqih’hu fid deen wa anbit-hu fil islaami nabaatan hasanah. Aameen

    take care

  13. As salaamu alaiki wa rahmatullaahi,

    Awww Maashaa’Allaah ukhti this is fantastic news. I have been checking your blog on a daily basis (scared that my email was not working lol) to see if there was any news and Alhamdulillaah the news is very good.

    Try to rest (as much as you can) and inshaa’Allaah we all look forward to hearing your birth story.

    Much love for the sake of Allaah

    Aamilah x

  14. walaikum as alaam mashallah tabarkallah im so happy to hear this , i too have had 2 c-sections and was and am being told that ill have to get cut again, and just like you i\ve come across alot of info and videos that has showed me that it can be done, its hard trying to fight for what you want living in saudi when it comes to birth, i told my doc i wanna try vaginal birth they keep telling me no, i had 2 c-sections so far here and dread having to get another one if there is no reason for me to get one. Please make duaa for me that Allah blesses me to have VBA2C, reading your post has made me feel a lil better

  15. mashallah tabarakallah sister. may allah make ur son a pious and obidient to his parents inshallah,, and give u all tolerance and strength to look after ur kids inshallah.

  16. As salamu alaikum dear sister,

    Alhamdulillah, this is such great news! Allahu akbar!

    May Allah make it easy for you and be pleased with you. Amin.

    All my love, please take it easy. Xx

  17. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ukhti!

    Barakallahu laka fil mawhoobi laka wa shakartal waahiba wa balagha ashaddahoo wa ruzikta biirah!

    May allah bless for you your bestowal, may you thank the Bestower, may the child reach its prime age and may you be granted its righteousness.

    Aammeen yaa rabbal aalameen.

    Alhamdulillah. May Allah azza wa jal reward you abundantly for sharing your experience and knowledge regards homeschooling. It is an inspiration for me and my daughter and I have benefitted from it.
    Barakallahu feeki ukhti.
    May Allah jella wa a’alaa put ease in all of your and your family’s affairs. Aammeen.
    Umm Ismadi

  18. I had a vbac with my second child. most of the doctors in the US did not support this.

    subhanallah, with dua, Allah guided me to a group of ppl .. an organization called ICAN in the US..that help and support eachother in the quest for vbac.

    and alhamdulilah i found and went w/ a doctor who supported vbac. i switched to this dr in the last month of pregnancy!
    and he was a man! which was not something i was really comfortable with. and subhanallah guess who delivered the baby? A woman 🙂

    he was like an angel who stood in the way of the idiots who wanted to cut me up cuz i wasnt reaching 10 cm SOON ENOUGH FOR THEM. 🙂

    • MashaAllah! So you must know that I am still buzzing after 3 weeks! lol

      Yes, I came across ICAN. Great organisation.

  19. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa RahmatULLAHI wa Barakatuhu Sis!

    Baarakallaahu laka fil-mauhoobi laka, wa shakartal-waahiba, wa balagha ashuddahu, wa ruziqta birrahu.

    “May ALLAH bless you with HIS gift to you, and may you (the new parent) give thanks, may the child reach the maturity of years, and may you be granted its righteousness.”

    MashaALLAH, your story inspires me to try VBAC too! Not that I’m expecting, lol, but you never know. Tell R that M says “Salaam and love you and that she really enjoyed the letter and loved the heart so much before her little sis got to it”.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

    • Ws wr wb

      Ameen sis! Yay! I did it! Alhamdulillah. You go for that VBAC sis! Told R what M said and she was beaming!!!

  20. I was just doing a Random search on google where i found your. quite interesting. Read abt Normal delivery after the c-section.
    I went through normal delivery in july but to a still born. I am sorry if I am upsetting you in any way but i want peace. I want someone to tell me what did i do wrong that Allah gave me such big punishment.

    • May Allah make things easy for you. This is not a punishment from Allah but a test from Him subhanaAllah. When Allah takes something away from us – it is a means of purification and a means of us turning to Him and achieving greater closeness to Him. Keep turning to Him and insha’Allah you will find your comfort there.

  21. Salam,
    Congrats on your VBA2C. Subhan Allah! I have had 2 children, both by c-section. My second c-sectionwas just a few months ago. Unless Allah wills otherwise, I hope that I will not get pregnant again for another 3-4 years to allow my uterus to heal and to focus on my 2 children. I found a hospital close to where I live that allows VBAC after 2 c-sections. I now have hope that my next child, insha allah, could be delivered vaginally. But, I am afraid of uterine rupture. I read a terrifying story online of a woman who tried a VBA2C and her uterus ruptured and her baby was left with permanent brain damage. When you were pregnant with your third child, what did you do to calm your fears about uterine rupture? Can you send me some duas that I could say to ask Allah to give me a natural birth if I ever get pregnant again? I think we just have to trust in Allah. I have very bad emotional reactions to my cesareans and I am glad to know that other women feel the same way. I guess I am not crazy.

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